Air Purifiers, Are they any good ?

Yogesh Sarkar

Quite a lot of it is psychological, since it is hard to quantify things with a PM2.5 measuring device.

In fact it is hard to tell without numbers, whether the Air Purifier is working. Unless you concentrate on breathing and then move to a room without air purifier and concentrate on breathing once again that is when you notice the difference.

However, this difference isn’t there between Philips and Mi, when moving from room to room.

Having said that, due to the design, Mi does move a lot more air and while air feels to be moving in case of Philips as well, the effect isn’t as pronounced.


Hi Yogesh - I ordered the Mi purifier yesterday and it was delivered today. Is the installation done by a company rep. or do we start it off ourselves? I've ordered it for my parents in Mumbai and I'm not there now so thought of checking with you if they need to wait for the installation or if they can do it themselves?

Yogesh Sarkar

Yes, that is pretty much it. Power cord is inside the purifier, so they will have to open the filter door to take it out. Configuring it for WiFi can be a little tricky at times. Though it will work just fine without being connected to WiFi.