Alcohol/Cigarettes/Tobacco - Effects on family life?


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Hi friends,

Out of curiosity and sheer eagerness, I would like to understand whats the impact of Alcohol/Cigarettes/Tobacco on the family culture and values? I am trying to understand following things

1. Where you inspired by someone senior in family? Was this good or bad for you?

2. Do you think you would be inspiration for juniors in family, directly or indirectly to consume similar products?

3. Would you like to keep your kids away from this? If yes then how would you ensure the same?

4. What difference you find between the families where Alcohol/Cigarettes/Tobacco is consumed versus where its been abstained .

5. Do you think Alcohol/Cigarettes/Tobacco effects family value system?

6. Does the Gender of consumer matters in a family to make any impact on value system? How?

Your constructive inputs will be appreciated.
Look forward to have better understanding of our ever changing society
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good initiative for such study
2.As i have kicked the butt & stopped drinking.
3.Yes. Don't know now.
4.In most cases family disputes start after someone is drunk enough to care about any damn thing. Also if u drink u can't tell your close ones to kick the habit.


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alcoholism is actually quite common. i know lots of people who just cannot do without a drink daily. they have to have it on a daily basis. i have lost few relatives due to love of alcohol. what i have seen is that half the time people don't realize that they're becoming a tad too fond of the booze. they think as their hands don't shake etc they are not on the way to alcoholism. these relatives who perished due to a undue fondness for alcohol died very painfully. they were bedridden till the end...and within a matter of months body went from bad to worse. and it was not as if this decline in health is sudden. its actually gradual. at first its your skin your outward sign of health. then as one's drinking increases it slowly leads to dependence and sometimes if there is day to day stress involved then the dependence on alcohol increases more. ultimately your liver, kidneys go for a toss.
as for the effect alcoholism or too much fondness for it, has on family life--
my dad was bit too fond of alcohol. he was not a alcoholic but he was definitely too fond of alcohol. our childhood....our basic family life was terrible due to it. adding to this was that basically he was very short tempered and very tempremental. we kids would be studying in the evening and he would be raging about. we could not study due to the racket he would create and most of the time it would end with him bashing the daylights out of us...mother included.
now another thing i have to add is that such people look very normal from was veru sociable...had a huge circle of friends..was the yaroon ka yaar types. but he use to take all his frustrations( his business was not doing too well)..on us. and children are the most vulnerable as they are innocent, and very defenceless and most of the time don't know whats really going on. a drunk is most stupid and cruel person. other than the beatings they do they also pick up fights for no reason and run their loved ones trampling and crushing their confidence and self esteem. its hell. this damage on a child is to his soul and it takes forever to heal.

ps- sorry for rambling but i have strong feelings on this issue


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@vikasvj5: Thanks for the inputs.
@kprixie: Sorry for sad states, but its highly appreciable that you came forward and shared personal experiences. The truth is sad, but it need to be looked upon so that we have a better understanding of its impact as we transit though a very fast changing society where not only values, ethics but our cultural existence is questioned.

I found it challenging many times to understand how the head of family or members of family forget the importance of having healthy family values. Drinking at home in front of childrens with unstable state of mind at times could not only impact you actions but also decision making abilities which would surely ruin the life of many others who are part of life.


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OF course it is quite common. It is advertised all over the media, portrayed as glamorous and as a sign of material success and "good living". While tobacco may not be advertised, although it is does not cause so much harm to society. One big indication of foolishness in the world is that drinking alcohol is legal, smoking cannabis is not.
It's one thing about islam that I respect. Too many people are too foolish to be moderate with alcohol, so ban it.

To the questions put here... it is quite obvious that the effect on family values and society in general of drinking alcohol is very different from any effect of tobacco. Yes, of course children would be influenced by behaviour of parents, but also by others around them, especially at school.


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Don't know what to write in this context, but I am feeling the repercussions of being a 'vegetarian teetotaler'.

At times it gets difficult for me to survive a party! :mad:
I belong to a family where we don't consume alcoholic drinks, no one smokes and we gulp down vegetarian delights only.

The way world is turning around in this one particular arena, I sometimes gets the complex of not being upto the mark!
But, that (inferiority) complex metamorphoses into pridefulness, when the moment parties are about to get over! :p
Atleast none of us ever puked right after a party is over just because of overgulping of half-cooked/baked meat, etc. or overconsumption of alcoholic drinks! We never faced an instance (God forbid!) where we collided on road for we're drunk. We never have to ask for a 'dedicated driver' or a ride back to our home, coz we're drunk or not feeling well or 'enjoying' giddiness!

Since a bigger chunk of this World is turning Green/Veggie, we are proud to welcome them in our group. :)


Since a bigger chunk of this World is turning Green/Veggie, we are proud to welcome them in our group. :)
Last time I was in US and we were joking about our stray cows and dogs problems.. They told me jokingly that let us be there for 2 months in every city your problem will be solved :rolleyes: