Alcohol/Cigarettes/Tobacco - Effects on family life?


I think there is lots of misunderstandings floating around here.. My point here , from the begining has been... Alcohol is not bad..The guy using it is bad.. He needs help.. We either have an escapist attitude or get resigned to the fate instead of helping the guy out with something.. Help in any medical to Pshychological form..PERIOD...

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Now when SmokinJoe has stepped back and called it period to his mere irrelevant philosophical argument joined with the baseless comparison , I would second Kprixie on her words - "Jis par beeti hai wohi jaane" .


Now when SmokinJoe has stepped back and called it period to his mere irrelevant philosophical argument joined with the baseless comparison , I would second Kprixie on her words - "Jis par beeti hai wohi jaane" .
With all due respect sir call it baseless, irrelevant, philosophical or whatever... I have seen with my own eyes people getting out of the very same situation being described here when the family members instead of crying stood up and did something about it.


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& you said PEROID :D

OK, lemme put it straight, what all can,according to you, a 6 year old girl do in such situation, to help her father ??


I have seen toooo much Drinking and Smoking in my family(Grandfather used to drink heavily,though he left it afterwards),He was a chain smoker as well.
Dad also has his daily Dosage of Drinking,but in controlled amounts:)

I have tried quite a lot of drinks,but never made it a habit:)

One thing i remember-As kids if me and my bro needed to buy something expensive,we knew when to hit nail on its head-After dad has gulped 2 pegs in the evening:grin:


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akshay..thats a funny one about u guys asking ure dad for something after he had a couple of pegs.:grin:
my cousin's dad would start singing K L Saigal's old songs in a nasal tone after downing a couple of pegs....we would encourage him to sing songs and at that time we found it hilarious.

and on a lighter note- i saw this poster on a wall in punjab stores sec 9 market. ALCOHOL IS A MISUNDERSTOOD VITAMIN. :rolleyes::) i thot its really funny.


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To tell the truth, I can point out 10 people who drink responsibly for one person who doesn't.... In the same way that I can show you 10 people who drive responsibly for the one that doesn't...
Alcohol, cannabis, etc. are an integral part of every single civilisation dating thousands of years... including our very own. So I don't see how alcohol must disrupt normal family values if taken responsibly... "responsibility" is the key factor here


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The fact is that, there are certain substances which have high abuse potential and alcohol and smoking are definitely one among them. ( Coffee and Tea are not so much abusive, but can if consumed in excess ) Anything that strongly acts on central nervous system is liable to rob the senses of mind. What starts as a social drink is very much likely to turn into addiction soon and because Life has ups and downs , during downs any bloody thing can turn into addiction. I am a Doctor and particularly observed many of my friends who challenged me they will keep it an ocassional habit and miserably failed ( I knew they will get addicted soon but my repeated advises/concerns failed to reach them ). Even the studies showing that mild amount of Alcohol is beneficial for Cardiovascular functioning is still a subject of controversy because every individual's genetic make up, enzymatic activity is different. Ofcourse there are people who keep it under control, but there are many who get dependent and in due course move away from all values and responsibilities. Hence, to be safer it is well advocated-Alcohol and Smoking are injurious to health. Smoking is atleast no doubt harmful and our sages also who indulged in smoking did not unfortunately know much about its harmful effects because association between Smoking and dreaded diseases got confirmed in 1930 by a German scientist after numerous studies.

Science, morality and spirituality should go together. The best way to be 'responsible' in life is by NOT depending on any habits. Human brain mainly needs Glucose and some of the major neurotransmitters, thats it, it is in no way need of Alcoholic substances for any benefit / proper functioning of the body.

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As far as Family responsibilities and values are concerned, its not that every person who consumes alcohol shuns these, but definitely he is at risk sometime or later because Alcohol unknowingly causes ' Dependence '.So, better stay away from it

1. Where you inspired by someone senior in family? Was this good or bad for you?

2. Do you think you would be inspiration for juniors in family, directly or indirectly to consume similar products?


3. Would you like to keep your kids away from this? If yes then how would you ensure the same?

Yes, No idea... 20 years down the line... I think its not possible. The way our culture is progressing.... Its tough to imagine our kids refraining from these bad habbits..

4. What difference you find between the families where Alcohol/Cigarettes/Tobacco is consumed versus where its been abstained .
Alcohol/Cigarettes/Tobacco can only cause bad/No affects... cant cause anything good ...

5. Do you think Alcohol/Cigarettes/Tobacco effects family value system?

6. Does the Gender of consumer matters in a family to make any impact on value system? How?