Alcohol/Cigarettes/Tobacco - Effects on family life?

I think the problem isn't alcohol or no alcohol. It is more that some people will go to extremes and excess in whatever their 'thing' happens to be. It is the extreme and excess that causes the problems where it harms their judgement and/or their household. The same related to cbd or terpenes
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I think it is. Any addiction affects family life. Alcohol and drugs are the worst. But I'm not talking about the situations where drugs like weed or CBD are taking for medical purposes.
Can't agree more on this one. All our habits have influence on our families and in this case it can have a very and very negative on family. I don't think there are examples out there when alcohol or cigarettes made something positive at all. I was smoking myself for a while and quitting was my best decision ever. I tried few times actually and only last time nicorette gum from online pharmacy helped me to get over this tough period.
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