All New Honda City VX MT Diesel iDtec taffeta White

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My parents require car for their personal work (they stay 80 kms away from my location), so I handed over Innova to my parents.
Now I became “Bekar (Car)” without car.
Initial thought. “Abhi abhi Itni mehngi bike kharidi hai, abhi car nahi kharidna”, Just now I have purchased such a expensive bike, don’t want to purchase a car again.

Due to family reasons I had to go for a car. But question was which one?
Hunt started

Hyundai Verna:
Positive: Loaded with features,16 inch alloy wheel, projector lamp, 1.6 ltr engine.
Negatives: So many complaints of loosing control at high speed (seems life threatening), no second row AC (must for a sedan).

VW Vento: average interior, rejected by family members.

Skoda Rapid: horrible ASS and re-sale value. average interior.

Maruti dZire: ultimate package, but average interior. Less features, only 5+1 gearbox.

Maruti Ciaz: BIG body, more features, projector lamp but low power.

Honda BR-V: BIG body with low power, third row is only for kids,Basic interior (not good as City’s) could not take place in my heart, as it was already occupied by City

Honda City: Hmm.. This one seems interesting, eye catching body style and cuts, huge space inside with excellent interior,
Excellent lumbar support,
Sun roof adds extra bonus mark,
Bone chilling AC,
Second row AC,
6+1 gearbox,
power folding ORVM,
comfort is at luxury level.
Negatives: 15 Inch wheel (expecting 16 inch),
aged Alloy design (Malaysia model got better alloys)

Test Drive:
Did test drive (V-MT i-dTec)
first impression was WOW!!
Car looks way better in person than in pictures.

I love those edges, aero dynamic, aggressive as well as royal look, slim yet effective and efficient headlights.

Excellent dashbaord with curves and color combination. Beautiful console with blue light, Second row AC, excellent comfirt and space, space and space.

Did almost 25+ kms drive, on broken road as well as on highway.
Car was stable even at 150 km/ph.
Car behaved well while cornering, no dragging (excellent enginnering and balacing).
After 15+ km drive, driver took wheel from me (Driver is the same guy who did testing of BR-V from begining, according to driver’s and sales man’s information).

Stability and braking
driver took car at 150 km/ph and asked me to look at speedometer, yes confirmed 150 km/ph,
Then he applied hard brake, within 3- 4 seconds car was at 0 km/ph.
I must say excellent braking, ABS kicked in. Not wheel locking, No marks on road. Quick braking.
Many people reported slim tyres discourage short braking, but I did not feel any thing like that. Braking was excellent.
Cruize control and reverse parking
tried cruize control at 80+.
tried reversing on steep climb. Car behaved very well.
Reverse parking camera gives good view but sensor is required if someone suddenly appears.

Low road noise was present in cabin but can not expect silent cabin from a test drive car, as every one knows how test drive cars are driven roughly by drivers.
I believe New car will not have that problem.

We did test drive for around 40+ minutes.
City impressed my wife and me.
My wife gave confirmation seal on City.

We confirmed our booking for City (VX MT iDtec) in august for October Month.

Made a visit to honda showroom, very less cars were there, only 4 pieces of honda city and 2 of amaze, 2 BR-V, other cars one demo piece.
They offered me discount of rs.33000 (Free honda assure Insurance)

On Road price : 14,56,719

Discount offered Honda Assure - 33,203
Corporate Discount - 7,000
Misc Discount - 10,000
Final Amount 14,06,719
Booking Amount 30,000

Body Cover, Mud Flap, Floor Mat Free
Side Step Illumination (6053Rs) Free
Underbody Antirust Coating Free

We booked car on 19-Aug-2016 by paying 30000`, and requested delivery on date 1-Oct-2016
While booking I requested for bridgstone tyres.

BIG Change
On 26/Sept/2016 got a manager, we are unable to deliver golden brown color on VX, please select another color, as Golden brown color is not available for next two months.
All my plan shattered, I was so deep in Golden Brown color. I thought of cancelling our deal, and thought of waiting for January 2017 for Facelift version, but after calculation, facelift version seemed too expensive for us.

Current Car On Road price is 14,60,000.00 INR
Free Insurance -33,302.00
Corp Discount -7,000.00
Misc Discount -10,000.00
Final On Road 14,09,698.00

For New Car discounts will not available
eg 14,60,000.00 + 50,000 = 15,10,000.00 On Road Price
0 Discount
RTO Will Increase, Insurance amount will Increase, Other Charges will also increase
Let say, it may go around 15,30,000.00

My current Price is 14,09,698.00
(15,30,000.00 - 14,09,698.00) = 120302 (Almost 1,20,000 difference for new facelift)
So now we selected taffeta white color. Car was dispatched from plant (Alwar) on 29/Sept/0216
This confirms car is brand new but still I asked for VIN, that confirmed it was September manufacture.

We made adjustment on color so we forced Manager to give us some discount,
Asked for free Door Step plates and underboady coating.

Few Pics while taking delivery

With Papa





Big Family

Driving out from showroom




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Congratulations, for the new car in family! :)

Did they delivered you the car with tyre as per your request, or not?

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Don't Stop, You are just a step away.
Congratulations, for the new car in family! :)

Did they delivered you the car with tyre as per your request, or not?
No :-(, they said this is not in our hands.
My priority was
1. michelin
2. bridgestone
3. any brand tyre, but not MRF (MRF tires are very hard)

I got goodyear tyres, tomorrow tires became very very silent after Inflating with Nitrogen gas.


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Goodyear tyres are good for years! :)

One can haggle on this part only for the tyre brands available on other variants of same car.
Usually companies gives inferior tyres on lower priced variants, and this comes company fitted. So a dealer can't swap them until the buyer of a higher variant is ignorant about it. :p

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Yeah, I requested him to swap tyres with other car having bridgestone,
but he said he can not as tyre details are registered with VIN while dispatching from plant.
I checked tyre manufacture date also,
its 36 week (november month) 2016, so not worried about any thing.
even car is not used at all, because car arived at showroom on 30 Sep at 12-1 pm, and next day was delivery.

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Today I gave my car at Service Centre for Underbody Antirust Coating and Side Step Illumination.
I guess I'll get car Tomorrow or may be day after tomorrow.


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Congrats on having procured Honda City! Enjoy and Do share your experience.
For first 1000 km do not exceed 2500 engine rpm in any of the gears.

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thank you so much @deepam ji for warm wishes and very useful advice.
I have not exceeded 2000 rpm till now, I'm planning to change engine oil at 1000 km.
I'll try to keep this thread alive, will update all details