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A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
Being so close to Delhi (around 155km) this place was always in my radar..but due to time shortage never attempted the same.

It was on 08.12.18, we were looking for near by places and thought of alwar then striked ...

I already checked many YouTube blog and Travelogue including many in bcmtouring

We planned to leave around 5 am, but due to uncertain circumstances we left at 6.30am.. total of 8 family members in two cars (wagon r and mobilo).

We took first halt at Bikanerwala and KFC around 8.30am . Some of you might think very early break, but my mother was accompanying( and she is type 2 diabetic and a kidney patient) so we needed to have some light food and tea

After approximately half hour we again start our journey..we here decided to visit bhangarh if time permits (but later i decided not to go .. )

We paid first toll of rs 65 /- , 95% roads are super smooth and full of beautiful scene.
We passed many AGRICULTURAL lands ... The land is in full blossom with Mustard plants .
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A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...

History :- Bala Quila also known Alwar fort is a fort in Alwar in Indian state of Rajasthan. It is situated on a hill in the Aravalli Range, above the town of Alwar. The fort is 5 kilometres long and is about 1.5 kilometres wide. It was built in 15th century by the Hasan Khan Mewati

Reality :- As i am traveling to this place first time, we have no idea which route to go , where to go.. I just marked the location and followed gps with some help of locals.

Video :- searching for bala quila

Bala quila provided very breathtaking view of alwar

We paid ₹50/- for each car and ₹10/- for each person.. we were very excited but all went in vain.

The road from toll gate to bala quila is 7km (approximately). Soon we passed toll we encounter with good road..but.....

Only after 3 km roads are in bad shape ..very bad shape.. put our cars shockers on test.

Enjoy some video and photoshoot..(we paid and its time to earn that money back) lol

We reached Bala quila and here comes shock... Many places of bala quila were closed.. i was very much annoyed by seeing this. If this is the current situation , the toll people must informed us.

I recollect all my sense and talked to incharge. With some reference, he agreed and allowed us to roam inside bala quila.

He told me that quila is closed since last storm hit Rajasthan.(when this happened)

Places in alwar is heaven for those couples who wants to enjoy without much disturbance from police ( lol i hope many understand what i want to say here)

Bala qilla is another fine example of past architecture, which is now ruined by people and lack of care by Rajasthan tourism..

See video and photos and you may come to know what i want to say..

There is nothing to see we moved almost 1 hr.. My mood is off..(i am not here to see this)

Its time to see city place and maharani moosi ki chatr

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A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
2. Alwar City Palace Vinay Villas Palace

History :- Majestic former palace of the Rajputs, this palace complex is a landmark in the city. The City Palace of Alwar is known as the Vinay Vilas Mahal. It is standing huge in the heart of Alwar City of Rajasthan. The City Palace, of Alwar, was built up by Raja Bakhtayar Singh in the year 1793. The building is a perfect example of Indo-Islamic architecture.

Reality :- Palace converted into Government offices and Municipal Corporation. Fountain and the whole inner area uncleaned and unhygienic. Fountain is full of Garbage and Green Algae inside the palace. And charging visiting fees from us too. When enquired, they told it's the work of Municipal Corporation. Really getting the feel how Palaces after Independence are taken care of.

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A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
3. City Palace, Alwar

As city palace located in the same building of Vinay Villas place, it looks like a run down palace from the outside as various government offices and court located inside the palace. But as soon as you entered the museum through various dark passage, the palace get transformed .You can see the the life style of previous kings ,many manuscripts, paintings,some statue and the weapons of the the yesteryears and maintained also very well

Entry fee ₹ 10 per person & ₹5 for student..

You can view the Arawali mountain range from here.

The museum is divided into three sections ,in the first room you will find dresses, miniature and stuffed animals,the second room is dedicated to paintings and manuscript and in the third room you can view weapons and kings'throne .

Paid rs 50/- per car as parking , as due to Saturday many offices were closed, else i m sure you will not get parking so close to this place.

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A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
4. Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri

History :- This brilliant piece of architect was built by Vinay Singh in the memory of King Bakhtawar Singh and his queen, Moosi, in 1815

This place is adjacent to city can avoid this if you don't want to spoil you mood more.

Why ????

Again i must say brilliant example of old architect. BUT WAS RUINED BY PEOPLE AND NEGLECTED BY RAJASTHAN TOURISM.

The place is full of non sense couples with very bad smell like drainage.

Let pictures do the talking...

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A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
Till now out of 3 places if you are coming with family you can avoid. There is nothing to lose.

I lost interest for ongoing journey, if i was alone i would have started back journey to home.

Its already 12.45pm , and we were hungry . If you have a sweet tooth then this famous shop of alwar is heaven for you.

5. Baba Thakurdas and Sons,

kalakand market, hope circus, alwar, Shop no. 1, Ganpati Tower, Near Nagli Circle, :- Google Maps

This shop is famous for milk cake.

This shop is closed to roundabout and if your hunger is more than what you thought its time to have proper lunch.

6. Prem Pavitra Bhojnalya (Google Maps)

35-B,, Moti Doongri, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001 , 0144 270 0925.

This restaurant placed on the way toward siliserh lake

What a tasty vegetarian food.. whole family enjoyed

After refueling ourselves, its already 3pm and idea to visit bhangarh i dropped due to my past experience from three monuments.

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A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
4. Siliserh lake / Siliserh palace.

History :- Spread over a large area of 7 square kilometres, Siliserh Lake is an amazing tourist attraction filled with fun activities and places to relax such as the Silserh Lake Palace
bordering the water reservoir. The famous palace is a frequented destination by visitors and travellers looking to refresh themselves from the ruckus of city life.
The lake is a famous picnic site in the region, and it imposes itself before the palace in a wonderful natural setting.

Having recently been converted into a heritage hotel by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC), the Siliserh Lake Palace now serves as an esteemed royal getaway amidst the rolling hills of the Aravalli range and the spectacular Siliserh Lake. (copied from another source)

Reality:- This place is situated at remote area , you have to take right turn from the main road.. Nothing to worry just put the location on GPS.
ROAD is okies type with debris lying on both side.. you have to move aside when any incoming traffic coming.

You can book room in advance and enjoy breathtaking view from palace lobby

(Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation)

We reached the place and paid entry fee.. which is too much.
₹100/- per person due to such huge fee many people stopped at toll gate and enjoying beauty from there.

One more thing i want to share this entry fee include either one colddrink/ waterbottle/ coffee/tea from siliserh palace.


Let enjoy video :-

We are amazed to see such huge rain harvesting lake which is atleast 20 foot in depth have lots of fish and crocodile (yeh humko to dhekhe nahi )

They charged huge rates for boat , but worth it..

Enjoy some video :-

After spending sometime we moved to siliserh palace and took colddrink and enjoyed the view atleast 2hrs approx

View shots :-

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