Amazing Authentic Himachali Pahari Food Coupled with Breathtaking Views


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I am an avid traveller. Guess that's one of the reasons why I am a member of this forum.

Another thing that I really look forward to is good food. I am an out an out foodie and look forward to savoring delicacies of all kinds/ cuisines. But being a Himachali and having been born and brought up in Himachal, nothing comes close to Himachali Pahari food for me. The problem is, whilst I do get to savor Pahari food at home when mom is around, there aren't many places outside home which offer this cuisine. Not even in Himachal, where I spend considerable time during my various visits/ travelogues. You would find loads of Punjabi Dhabas in Himachal, but try finding a place that offers authentic local food.

Well, my quest for finding such a place came to an end a couple of years back. We were on a vacation in Naggar near Manali. Thats when we heard of this place called Jana. Its around 12 kms from Naggar, and is primarily famous for a waterfall.

However, the real hidden gem in this place is a "Mani Ram Dhaba". This dhaba offers Himachali food, and to be more precise, the local cuisine of Kullu Manali area. The cuisine even in Himachal varies significantly from Shimla to Mandi to Kangra to Chamba and so on. The place is run and managed by local village women, and the food prepared by these women is outstanding.

What sets apart the food here from elsewhere, is that all food ingredients(Brown rice, pulses, vegetables, spices) are sourced locally. And the food is prepared over wood fire using traditional pots & age old methods. What you get is 100% farm fresh meal comprising of Siddu, Rajmah, Makki ki roti/Sarson ka saag, local brown rice, Himachali kadhi(jhol), bichoo buti chutney, pear pickle. And yes food indeed is lip-smacking delicious. And if you are lucky & arrive here when the waterfall is in full flow (around monsoons), then enjoy your meal with your feet soaked in water. Last but not the least, the story of Jana is essentially the result of labour & enterprise of local man : Mani Ram. It was through his hard work that a small village in the wilderness which was visited by a few odd foreigners, became famous over the years through word of mouth publicity. More about Mani Ram here : .

Whats more, the drive up to Jana from Naggar is beautiful, and offers spectacular views of the snow covered Peer Panjal ranges. So its basically a double whammy, a beautiful drive culminating in amazing food.

I am attaching a video prepared by my brother during our visit to the place in Mar this year. It would give you a glimpse of the place, the food on offer as well as the drive to the place.

How to reach there : From Naggar village (located midway between Kullu & Manali), take the road leading to world famous Roerick Art gallery. Around 1 km away, a sharp uphill bend towards the left goes towards Jagatsukh castle/Roerick gallery. Here instead take the right turn heading towards Jana

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I was in Simla (Shimla) for 6 years and did not try Himachali food. A good post to introduce local cuisine!

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