Amravati (MH) to Kanyakumari Solo cycle Ride in 10.5 Days

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The Ride which I lived and not just Finished

As a cyclist it was one of my dream to do long expedition on cycle. My past experiences of Cycle expeditions were pune to goa, pune to Amravati(M.S) ,pune to Akkalkot etc. I was thinking about Kanyakumari ride from long time and it's was one of my dream. My work location is pune but due to covid time I was working from my hometown Amravati Maharashtra. Fortunately in December-21 about 75 members from my club planned pune to Kanyakumari ride via coastal road and I was also part of that ride but due to some urgency I missed this event. It was still in my mind for Kanyakumari cycle expedition and finally I managed leaves from my office and convinced my family for solo ride .It's always good to do such long expedition with group but it was difficult to manage group on same time, As its not possible to manage leaves for every one on same time .I asked few friends if anyone is interested and then finally started solo ride .My leaves were approved and plan was ready, now just it was time to leave from home and implement plan. As per my plan decided to finish this expedition before summer, so accordingly started on 19th Feb 2022. I do cycle regularly, So my practice was going good but dong a solo ride needs lot of mental stability which I managed somehow. Being solo and considering safety and to avoid body fatigue, planned to do daily max 170 kms on an average and as per the plan stays and distances were decided.

Below are the Daily Distances covered and destination for Stay

Day 1
Amravati -Adilabad 216 kms
Day 2 Adilabad - kamareddy 203 kms .100 kms forest area
Day 3 Kamareddy - Shadnagar 189 kms
Day 4 Shadnagar - Kurnool 163 kms
Day 5 Kurnool- Penukonda 221 kms
Day 6 Penukonda - Bengaluru 162 kms
Day 7 Bengaluru to Dharmapuri 163 kms
Day 8 Dharmapuri- karur 173 kms
Day 9 Karur- Madurai 147 kms
Day 10 Madurai - Tirunelveli 160 kms
Day 11 Tirunelveli- Kanyakumari 87 kms

Things carried and packed before start :
  • 1 Gel padded cycling short 1 Cycling jersey - I used to wash these things daily once i reach to destination and hence managed on single set of Jersey and Gel short
  • Cycling helmate
  • 1 whistle - Its helpful when some vehicle comes from wrong side
  • Elastic belt to tie language bag to cycle carrier
  • Helmate torch which Blink both side ie front and rear
  • Head torch with fixed arrangement on handlebar
  • Cycling double frame bag to keep tools.
  • Extra cycle tube, puncture repair kit and Allen key
  • 2 sports jersey
  • 1 Lower, short pant
  • Basic medicines includes muscle pain tablets, move spray, tablets in case fever
  • Shaving kit and body wash
  • Dipper rash cream, Vaseline or parachute oil to avoid Chafing and Saddle Sores.Daily Before start of ride I used to apply parachute oil to avoid saddle sores.

Some Do's and Don't and General Practice followed during Ride .

  • Always be calm and don't get tempered in any kind of situation
  • Don't argue with anyone on the way though you are right because your on diff. State and away from home,So try to be listing mode and accept the things.
  • Keep 100 % concentration on road while Riding because we don't know who will come from wrong side.
  • Follow all traffic rule and no excuse to that.
  • Always be happy while Riding and keep talking with Locals as there are many people on the way who are curious about your mission.
  • Avoid negative minded people and try to be aways from them or ignore .
  • Daily wear whistle on your neck while you dress up.
  • My target for hydration was petrol pump ,so where I saw good water cooler on petrol pump I used that drinking water to stay hydrated because you have to consume lot of water and how many time you will purchase water bottles.
  • Always when you go for urine remove ur goggles and check the colour which should not be yellow or dark .
  • Reconfirm the things it may be for stay/ Restuarant/ direction etc .
  • If you don't know Tamil then don't try to take any risk and stick with your plan. It's not risk always but you will end up with wasting your time as u don't know Tamil and not all Local will understand Hindi or English
  • Apply Parachute oil before wearing Gel short which avoid saddle sores.
  • Maximum Ride I have done on NH44 till destination, So for some stay locations we have to go few kms away from NH 44 and only few town like Karur on highway.
  • Bus stand area was my target for stay location and yes I managed to find good stay with avg charges.
  • Try to take powernap and breaks whenever needed and never ever stress your ride beyond your capacity to avoid impact on next day.
  • Being solo ride try to listen your favorite songs or region specific songs Say I used to listen some Tamil songs from Bombay and Roja etc e.g few songs by K.S Chitra.It will relax you.Here if u don't understand any Tamil song then you be more curious to understand will listen more and more and this is not the case with the songs which u understand .
  • Stay within last white line while travelling on Highways and never try to overtake.

Complete Strava Activity of Amravati to Kanyakumari one way ride



Day 1: Amravati -Adilabad 216 kms :

So finally day has arrived and as per schedule I started my cycle expedition by visiting our famous Amba Devi temple Amravati. It was mid of Feb and summer was about to start but luckily climate was cloudy on that day when I started .Around 12 PM managed to reach Yuvatmal . Amravati Yuvatmal is 2 lane single road but road was good with lot of trees on both sides, So ride was not that much difficult . In Yuvatmal visited to old Dutta mandir (Temple) followed by lunch and then started my journey ahead after taking few mins of break. Veg thali which I ordered was very good and yummy .My todays destination was Pandharkawada which was approx. 70 kms from Yuvatmal, So by taking some small breaks I managed to reach Pandharkawada by 5:30 pm and from there I connected on NH 44 .As per plan my halt destination was the same but as I reached earlier so planned to do more 50 kms and reached at Adilabad. For Adilabad city we have to go 3 kms inside from NH44, So around 8:30 pm I reached Adilabad and booked one Descent room(800 Rs ) in new Krishna Lodge near bus stand .My stay was good, So i got settled at hotel with my cycle and then had bath became fresh and ate biryani .
Adilabad is famous for its rich cultivation of cotton. Hence, Adilabad is also referred as "White Gold City".


Amba Devi Temple of Amravati


Bhakti Dham Temple Amravati


Samrudhi Expressway Near Amravati Yuvatmal District Boarder


This is Shankuntala Narrow Guage Line from Yuvatmal to Achalpur built in 1903 and now it's not functional .Purpose of this route was to transport cotton from Vidharbha region by connecting this line to main station murtizapur and then transport to Mumbai and then to Manchester during British time.






Reached in Yuvatmal


Veg Thali opposite Datta Mandir


Very Old Datta Mandir of Yuavatmal


15 Minutes of Power Nap taken in this temple



Way Towards Pandharkawada passes through Tipeshwar Forest


Egg Birynani After Finishing first days Ride

Day 2 Adilabad - kamareddy 203 kms

It was decided to start ride early morning but I got up late and due to that started by 7 am .Before leaving from Adilabad i saw very good snacks point for Idali /wada , so grabbed idali wada.Taste of idli was good specially the white chutney was awesome .Adilabad is 3/4 kms inside NH 44, So I came on highway and headed towards kamareddy as this was my second days halt destination.Once I left adilabad and crossed 2/3 kms then complete area was forest area for about 100 kms ,so there were many big ups and down on the road which was surprise for me,Thank God the I ate breakfast early .Somehow I crossed all these climbs and forest area on low gear and managed to cover 100 kms. Now it was afternoon time and I was hungry, So had full meals somewhere on dhaba .Meal was good and enough for me. Now I started by journey by taking some rest and sufficient water on the way and managed to reach kamareddy by 8:30 pm. Kamareddy Is 4/5 kms inside NH 44.I booked Descent room there and had egg biryani and ended by day 2 of ride at Kamareddy...


Idli Wada Bonda and Puri Bhaji


Chutneys with Idli Wada



Came near Entrance/exit Gate of Adilabad



Kawal Tiger Reserve after Adilabad


I was hungry but no big hotel around due to forest region, luckily I got Mirchi Pakoda and egg pakoda centre in between.


Mirchi Pakoda


Egg Pakoda/Bonda



Full Rice Meals





Egg Biryani @ Kamareddy

Day 3:Kamareddy - Shadnagar 189 kms

On Day 3 i started my ride at 7 am by having a tea and small piece of one muffins from one of the bakery outside kamareddy .This city is district place and its 4/5 kms inside NH 77, so u have to come outside on highway for next journey.As per information I got from local about the road, so till hydrabad road are good and there is hardly forest area.From Kamareddy Hydrabad is approx 120 kms , so I managed to reach hydrabad by 12:30 pm. Now before reaching hydrabad I crossed outer ring road and from that ring road we can go to karnool and no need to go inside city.But the problem of that road is no 2 wheeler or cycle allowed on that road ,so I have crossed entire city and went to other end of city and from there I connected to karnool road.My today's destination was shadnagar around 50 kms from Hydrabad.Almost for me it took 5 pm to leave hydrabad city and then entered on Karnool highway.On the way I crossed Statue of Equality but as it was delayed,so I can not go to actual place .Even u can see Statue from main road. Around 8:30 pm I reached at shadnagar.Shadnagar is on main highway only so easily I got hotel near by.Finished my dinner once I got settled at room and completed my day 3 of solo Ride .


Paddy Farms on the way






Komatpally Forest before Hydrabad .Its only 20-25 kms forest area on the way




Feeling Thursty so lets have fresh Coconut water


Tank Bund,Hydrabad




Tank Bund ,Hydrabad



Entrance Gate for Statue of Equality .Statue is 5/6 kms inside from main entrance.


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Day 4 Shadnagar - Karnol 163 kms

On Day 4 of the ride I started around 7:30 am from Shadnagar and after covering some distance say around 40 kms I stopped at one road side tiffin center and grabbed yummy dosa continued my ride ahead for some 40/50 kms and stopped for lunch break at small hotel for lunch .After taking full meals I stopped at one bus stop where sufficient shade was there ,so there I had power nap of 30 mins .30 mins of power nap refreshed me and that helped to continued till karnoon by taking some small small water breaks and a tea break .I reached at karnoon around 7 pm and it took me 30 mins more to reach inside city as its 7 kms inside from NH44 .Today's distance to cover was 163 kms ,so managed to reach early. I booked one room Near karnool bus stand with very less charges around 700 Rs. Every day during my ride I asked for negotiating the charges for room by saying I am cyclist and comming from maharashtra and by 7 pm I will leave ,so considering this they also used to give me some discount on room charges. Now I Finalized the room after negotiation and became fresh by taking bath. Near to my place there was one good tiffin center, So had full rice meals there followed by some night walk.


Started From Shadnagar


Ate Dosa at Road Side Tiffin centre .Loved chutney and Dosa


Dal Rice


Taken 30 Mins of powernap at bus stop which refreshed me and made me ready for next ride.


Andhra was too hot and dry ,so considering this I changed my original plane to not follow Salem-Tanjavur-Madurai Route and to continue with NH44 From Salem-Madurai.Tanjavur was in my plan but dropped that .


Bridge on River Krishna somewhere before Karnool

Day 5 Karnol -Penukonda 221 kms

On Day 5 of the ride I started around 5.30 am from Karnool as today's distance to cover was more ie 221 kms .Somewhere after 30 Kms from karnool I took breakfast and the contunied my ride with small water breaks till lunch destination. Andra is bit dry area and temperature was more which made me bit difficult to ride but with managed to reach Ananatpur around 4 pm.I visited Iscon temple there which is on the way and its good temple with chariot shape. I started my next ride ahead after 15 mins and continued till penukonda.
Around 9:30-10 I reached at penukonda but unfortunately there was night curfew going on and hence no hotel was open for food as well .Also for stay there were limited option ,so out of these options I selected one but that was not up to the mark,So I was disappointed here in selecting halt location .I only selected this location because Lepakshi temple is near to this place and I wanted to see Kumbakarna Statue at Penukonda but my here I was wrong. Penukonda is just Taluk place and due to industries like KIA motors and all its growing but no fully developed.So out of my entire 11 days of ride penukonda was the place where I went to sleep without dinner.Due to stay option/room I planned to leave this location asap in the morning.
Penukonda is the town for that you have to go approx 10 kms inside From NH44


Karnool Suryamandir. once you come out of town and start on NH44 towards Bengaluru then u can see this temple on right side of Highway







Dosa and Chutney was very good as it's always good in south India



I love Karnool

It was Hot day


After one big climb I got this full meals with omelet .It was super tasty specially pappu /tomato Dal was good .


20 Mins of sleep after Yummy food in Tummy

It's at entrance of Anantpur


Horses of Iscon Temple Anantpur.







Anantpur Iscon Temple
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Day 6 Penukonda -Bengaluru 162 kms

As decided on previous day I started early from penukonda and managed to cover 30/40 kms by 8 am. Due to lack of sleep and lack of food I was feeling sleep and hungry while riding .So I ate some heavy breakfast and had 30 mins of sleep at one bus stop.If your planning goes wrong and don't get good stay option then it impacts your sleep,food,next ride and mentality and Penukonda was perfect example. While Riding from penukonda I was feeling some what home sickness , but after breakfast and sleep of 30 min I got refreshed and was feeling energetic.After riding few kms I saw one way going towards Lepakshi Veerabhadra temple,So I have taken break there for banana and some water.While discussion with one Shop owner he asked me that every 20 mins there is bus for Lepakshi ,so u should go there. So I parked my cycle near his shop under his custody and weared full length lower .Bus stop was near to his shop,so within 5 mins I got bus for Lepakshi .Bus was typical south style with loud music running inside . Within 20 mins of travel time in bus I managed to take powernap.When I reached lepakshi and visited that place it was really amazing place and someone must visit this place if you are travelling by this route .Veerabhadra temple is a Hindu temple located in the Lepakshi, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The temple is dedicated to the Virabhadra, a fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva. Built in the 16th century, the architectural features of the temple are in the Vijayanagara style with profusion of carvings and paintings at almost every exposed surface of the temple.Its must Visit place. It takes approx 30 mins to see this beautiful temple .After completing my temple visit, I went to bus stop and returned to Katakonda town where I parked my cycle .I said thanks to that shop owner as due to him I got chance to see this beautiful place.Due to Lepakshi I got some spiritual touch in my cycle journey and I became more energetic than earlier because from last 5 day I was just doing cycling and this was something new and refreshing .In the morning my mood was diff I was feeling home sick but due to lepakshi now things got changed.Today destination was bengaluru and it was not more distance, so I managed to reach inside bangluru and settled by 8 pm in one descent hotel.


Some Murrukus and coconut water due to more heat in Andhra


Was Feeling tired,Hungry and Lonely


Visit to Lepakshi temple changed my mood
Kodikonda to Lepakshi 20 Rs .Lepakshi is approx 15-20 Kms inside from NH44 (Kodikonda town)


Entrance Gate of Lepakshi at NH44 and I got bus from here only


Area outside Veerabhadra Lepakshi Temple



Main Entrace



















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Continued Day 6





Art on the pillers made from Single Rock






Nandi Hills Bangluru- good time to Visit at Nandi Hills is very early morning before sunrise. The hill will be completely get foggy till morning and once fog started disappearing in morning then you will see very beautiful view from the Hill. it's one of the most visited place near Bangluru.

Day 7 Bengaluru - Dharmapuri 163 kms

Day 7 started with some laziness. I had a good sleep though got up late and started my preparation very slow .Finally around 9 am IST managed to leave hotel and on the way met with my friend near KR Puram Railway station.While riding from bangluru I refreshed my old memories of 2010-11 when I was working here .So in 10 year bangluru changed lot .I Had egg puff and small piece of cake in one bakery near Marathalli and continued ride .After crossing Hosur and Krishnagiri I took brunch break had Parotha and Kurma at one hotel.As Banngluru to Dharampuri distance is not more,so managed to reach dharampuri by 7:30 pm. Dharampuri city is approx 10 kms inside NH44 ,So I went inside city and done my stay arrangement there .Now sure why but when I started searching for room at dharampuri every where rooms were booked but I got one at decent hotel .


KR Puram Railway Station Old Madras Road Bengluru



Meet with Friend at KR Puram Station


Somewhere near Belandur



Egg Puff to get more power and proteins for cycling


In Bangluru or can say in south u will see lot of Bakarey.So can get yummy cakes/muffins easily



Passing through Silk Board and on the way to Hosur


boarder of karnataka -Tamilnadu


Chennai Silk is largest textile kingdom in Tamil Nadu .You will get large variety of sarees here.If shopping sarees and if you are in South then u should visit this place.There are many outlets of this store across South India .



On the way Met with Cyclist Rinesh from Mallapuram,Who was doing cycle expedition from Bangluru to Chennai


Scenic lake roadside

Rawan Statue on the way


Its Brunch Time with Yummy Parotha Korma


Evening snacks at Dharampuri. Many pieces of Idly on Banana Leaf and along with that Chutney,Sambar and Rassam.We have to mix all things like dal Rice and then have to eat which is mostly I seen in Tamilnadu.Before serving these Idly ,hotel owner asked me that Idly is hot and u have to wait for 10 mins. So was thinking that we eat hot Idly dipped in Sambar but why he is asking to wait, but later on got to know why he was asking this .Definatly the taste was good due to variet of Chutneys,Sambar and Rassam.Loved eating this idly


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Day 8 Dharmapuri- Karur 173 kms
I started Dharampuri at 6 am IST and managed to reach on NH44 In 30 mins.My today's destination was Karur which was 173 kms , So schedule was not going to be too hectic. I traveled around 20 kms and then there was 10-15 kms of downhill and forest area.While riding on downhills my hands were paining while keeping control on breaks but managed to do that .Once downhill section is completed then I stopped at small tiffin centre for breakfast and continued till Salem .In Salem I went to one cycle shoppe and done basic checkup and replaced tube and continued for next journey. By 3 pm I finished my lunch and headed towards Karur. Post lunch I started slowly and reached to karur by 6:30 pm . Karur city is on the both side on NH44 ,So easily I got stay there .


Day Started with hoarding of Late Jaylalithaji


Somewhere after leaving Dharampuri




Idli On Banana Leaf





Let's have Some sweet coconut water




Periyar University Campus Salem in background


Basic cycle checkup in Salem and while checkup found one puncture,So used spare tube here


Colurefull Salem Colurefull South India .You will see lot of flower verities/colours and these are widely used in marriage and similar kind of functions.



Huge Single blade of wind mill




Cauvery River Bridge
Somewhere after Selam and Before Karur
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Day 9 Karur - Madurai 147 kms
On 9th Day of Ride I started around 5:45 am from karur.Karur city is spread both side on NH44 ,So hardly I got time to come out of city .While Riding I met with fe cycling friends,so had some chat with them along with selfie and started ahead .Due to early start I managed to cover half distance by 10 am and taken breakfast at hotel Aarthi near Dindigul.Travelling from Karur to Dindigul I observed that there was hardly traffic on the road. Reason behind that was from Karur there is road to Trichy ,so most vehicle diverted to that road. Also from Dindigul to Madurai traffic got increased because of madurai there is way to go Trichy . Brunch taken was enough for me ,So lunch was not needed and with some short breaks for banana and water I managed to reach Madurai by 4 pm.My Jigarthanda(Famous Desert of Madurai) was waiting in Madurai,So that was also reason for skipping lunch :). Now my target for madurai was to search cycle shop and to solve the allingement issues which it got devloped on both tyres. as it was Sunday so hardly less shops were available and those who were available denied me to solve alignment issues .For cycle I wasted almost 45 minus but found no proper repair shop. So I decided not to search repair shop anymore and search for stay.At Tamil Sangal road around Madurai Temple I got very good stay.While booking room they were asking some question about cyclist as part of curiosity. So while answering them I mentioned about alligment issues and fortunately one of the hotel employee was aware of the cycle repairing work. So I handed over cycle to him in hotel parking area and he also managed to repair front Tyre alignment issues and rear Tyre also till some extent.Now I went to room and became fresh by taking batch .By 6pm I visited Meenakshi Amman Temple which was at walkable distance and spend couple hours there in Spiri0Ktual environment.The Meenakshi Temple is spread in 2 acres of area and its big temple. by 8 pm I came out of temple and went to A2B Restuarant (Adhyar Anand Bhawan) For Dinner .In Taminadu I observed that they take light food in the evening ,so hardly you will get complete meals in evening hours. So in A2B I had some idli dosa and then went for Jijgathanda .As suggested by my friend there was vert old Jigarthanda shop which was very close to A2B.So I search that old Famous Jigarthanda shop and tried 2 glass Jigarthanda.Its famous desert in madurai and I found it tasty . Now by walk only I went to stay location went for sleep by 10 pm.


Met my New cyclist Friends while Riding from Karur


Due to Allignment issue of rear Tyre more friction was happening between Rim and Break pad.So changes break pad setting .


Met 2 policemen on checkpost .One policeman clicked his photos with my cycle and chatted with me curiously about my journey


Dosa and Medu Wada Brunch at Hotel Arathi Dindigul. You will get very good taste here .I came here for second time .one was during car road trip and now .



Here we go


Finally I Reached to Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple.




Night view of West gate Madurai Temple




This is 60 + Years old Famous Jigarthanda Shop and taste here is very good .40 Rs for 1 glass special Jigarthanda .

Day 10 Madurai - Tirunelveli 160 kms

One 10th day I started around 6:30 am by visiting Meenakshi Amman temple and also captured some by taking few snaps .I came out of city and continued at N44 towards Tirunelveli. My cycle was running smooth compared previous day due to small repair work done by hotel employee. After Madurai the only big town is Tirunelveli and rest area is Completly isolated and that is one of the reason for keep day 9th too short.While Riding I was getting feeling of going towards land end of indian as hardly traffic and very less crowd on road even we can,t get big town as well. After 40 mins of ride I stopped for breakfast and grabbed Idli Sambar. Now after covering few kms I stopped near one small town for water break and purchased 3 pieces of banana for safer side.Road was flat and clean but there was quite Head wind . While Riding I saw one good restaurant on the road ,So there I have taken break and had my lunch there .Today's time was going good even my cycle was moving fast and finally I reached at Tirunelveli by 6:30 pm.From main Highway NH44 City is 8-10 kms inside which took me more time ie 7:30 pm. Tirunelveli is district place so easily I got a good stay and also room charges were ok for me.Once I settled at room then taken bath and became fresh. Then I went for some dinner and after comming back to hotel I went to sleep.


Started Day with visiting Meenakshi Amman Temple


Sivakashi is well known place for Crackers which is also somewhere inside NH44


Veg Full Meals was very good



Dosa @Tirunelveli was tasty and enough


We get Jigathanda in Tirunelveli as well but it's costly and taste is not up to the mark


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Day 11 Tirunelveli -Kanyakumari 87 Kms

Finally the day has arrived for that I was waiting and on this day i was going to reach my target and going to complete my Dream Ride .The Feeling was amazing and I was fully energetic and exited .I started ride around 5:30 am. It was just 87 kms to go for the day. So with smalls water break and without any breakfast in Tummy I manged to reach Kanyakumari /CAPE By 10:30 am.While going towards kanyakumari my cycle speed was increased and it's was around 28/29 constantly,not why it this because I was too excited or tailwind was pushing me .whatever may be the reason but finally I Reached and Completed my Dream Ride in 10. Days .That feeling after completition was amazing .On the day when I reached that day was super hot and sunny.So taken few photographs and planned to keep photograph session on next day morning :) and went for stay booking and Lunch .In very less charges ie 500 Rs I got a Room,So I Finalized and went for lunch after getting ready.

Swami Vivekanand said atleast once in a day you should talk to yourself otherwise you may miss a meeting with an EXCELLENT person in this World, So here I came to meet you talking with myself almost for 11days.Its great peace of mind talking to youself once in a day. Swami Vivekanand tought me how to be calm when achieving any goal in Life and this is what we see the Result. Today completed my solo dream ride on cycle ‍ from Amravati (MH) to kanyakumari(TN)




Day 12 and Return Journey


Second day Was cloudy





View from Photo Point



Vivekanand Dhyankendra



Return Parcel Ticket of my cycle In Thirurukkal Express


Cycle is ready to go Nagpur with me


Indus Buffet near Kanyakumari Railway station was the perfect buffet after 11 days of ride and most the rider prefer this place


Had chapati ,paneer,Rice,Soup and some deserts.(unlimited meals )


Ready For Return Journey till Nagpur By Thirurukkal Express (2A)


Biryani at Train


paneer Butter Masala and Parotha @Halidram Nagpur station .It was open at 3 am in very early morning.



Haldirams Restuarant in train Bogie



Morning breakfast Famous Chana poha @ Nagapur near Kasturchand park




Handed over my cycle to Railway staff and they arranged to send my cycle to my location by train ie Badnera Junction from Nagpur .And because of them I managed to reach early at my home.So Thanks to them (Railway staff, Nagpur).


Finally Grand Welcome by my family .Without their support this my dream ride was not possible.


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