Amravati (MH) to Kanyakumari Solo cycle Ride in 10.5 Days


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Kudos for this feat .... amazing amazing TL all along!
You need 150% determination and will power to complete such adventure alone !!
hats-off to you =D>=D>


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Day 6 Penukonda -Bengaluru 162 kms

As decided on previous day I started early from penukonda and managed to cover 30/40 kms by 8 am. Due to lack of sleep and lack of food I was feeling sleep and hungry while riding .So I ate some heavy breakfast and had 30 mins of sleep at one bus stop.If your planning goes wrong and don't get good stay option then it impacts your sleep,food,next ride and mentality and Penukonda was perfect example. While Riding from penukonda I was feeling some what home sickness , but after breakfast and sleep of 30 min I got refreshed and was feeling energetic.After riding few kms I saw one way going towards Lepakshi Veerabhadra temple,So I have taken break there for banana and some water.While discussion with one Shop owner he asked me that every 20 mins there is bus for Lepakshi ,so u should go there. So I parked my cycle near his shop under his custody and weared full length lower .Bus stop was near to his shop,so within 5 mins I got bus for Lepakshi .Bus was typical south style with loud music running inside . Within 20 mins of travel time in bus I managed to take powernap.When I reached lepakshi and visited that place it was really amazing place and someone must visit this place if you are travelling by this route .Veerabhadra temple is a Hindu temple located in the Lepakshi, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The temple is dedicated to the Virabhadra, a fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva. Built in the 16th century, the architectural features of the temple are in the Vijayanagara style with profusion of carvings and paintings at almost every exposed surface of the temple.Its must Visit place. It takes approx 30 mins to see this beautiful temple .After completing my temple visit, I went to bus stop and returned to Katakonda town where I parked my cycle .I said thanks to that shop owner as due to him I got chance to see this beautiful place.Due to Lepakshi I got some spiritual touch in my cycle journey and I became more energetic than earlier because from last 5 day I was just doing cycling and this was something new and refreshing .In the morning my mood was diff I was feeling home sick but due to lepakshi now things got changed.Today destination was bengaluru and it was not more distance, so I managed to reach inside bangluru and settled by 8 pm in one descent hotel.

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Some Murrukus and coconut water due to more heat in Andhra
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Was Feeling tired,Hungry and Lonely

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Visit to Lepakshi temple changed my mood
Kodikonda to Lepakshi 20 Rs .Lepakshi is approx 15-20 Kms inside from NH44 (Kodikonda town)

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Entrance Gate of Lepakshi at NH44 and I got bus from here only

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Area outside Veerabhadra Lepakshi Temple
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Main Entrace
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