This is awesome Satinderji, I just got back last week from a 2week vacation in Himachal & Punjab- and was fortunate enough to be able to visit "The Harmandir Sahib"..
The tremendous power that you feel inside is so so amazing!!! Here is a click I was able to capture -


Satinder Ji, Tussi great ho.
Hats off to your effort.

I think you've covered it all already. But will surely chip in if I think of anything else.

Brothers Dhaba and the Amritsari Parantha (opposite the second entry gate of the Golden Temple) are two good options for Veg food and Paranthas (respectively).

But would love to add - ask for directions in that city and you will have an experience of a lifetime :)
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Please put more info you have or get anytime !
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Check Map of Amritsar in Wikimapia:

Some Air / Satellite Images of Golden Temple to get idea what is there.
For 1st timers it is difficult to find ways.

Amritsar - SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.
I got this image on 3rd March 2014 via Whatsapp.

Golden Temple by Shreyans Bhansali.jpg

Image by: shreyans bhansali
Flickr Search: golden temple
Flickr: Shreyans Bhansali's Photostream

Golden Temple Names in Premises.jpg

Amritsar - SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.
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