Not hot but in sun its like more warm.
In Shade its OK !
Just cover head or you may have some cold winds may come to save from warmness.

Simar Rajput

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Just chipping in some more information for you guys. Satinder Ji have given almost all information. Thanks Satinder Ji. :)

Coming to food first. :grin:

1. Aaloo Wala Kulcha (Made in Tandoor) - Do try it Bittu Kulcha and Ashok Kulche Wala both in Ranjit Avenue A Block Market, Kulcha Land opposite MK Hotel and at Maqbool road.

2. Chhole Kulche - Now this is another type of Kulcha Totally different from Kulch made in Tandoor. Its something like Matter Kulcha we get here in delhi, but still its different. Do try Bhija Kulcha(Kulcha dipped in Chholle, then taken out on plate, some chholle on that Kulcha, some onion, imli chutney and now my mouth is watering :grin:) You will get them on Majitha road if you are visiting Makhan Fish or Beera Chicken. Ask some one there , its just 500 meters from there.

3. Fish - I think Makhan Fish(Majitha Road) is not so good(Personal Choice). Try Amritsari fish outside Hall Bazar just when you come out from regent Cinema road, there is shop on left side and right side , both are good. Small shops but good fish.

4. Fruit Cream - At Lohgarh Chowk. Two shops there both are good. Its near Durgiana Temple.

5. Chicken - Bheera serves good Tandoori Chicken. Do try Keema Naan also. Surjit Chicken is also good. Do try Champ gravy and Boneless Mutton Gravy at Barbecue Chicken at the end of Lawrence Road.

6. Dhaba - Nothing come close to Kesar Da Dhaba. I will prefer Kesar Dhaba rather than Bharawa Da Dhaba. Do try Dal, lachha paratha. Kundan Dhaba is Ok Ok

7. Restraunts - Crystal Restraunt is good. You can go to Chawla's (Lawrence road). Do try their Cream Chicken.

8. Poori Chhole - Kanha Sweets Lawrence road. But best Poori Chholle you will get at Durgiana Mandir only.

9. Sweets - Bansal sweets and also at Durgiana Mandir. Do try Pinni.

And at Last if you are in Amritsar and didn't took Langar at Golden Temple, guyz you missed out something.

List is never ending, will keep on adding. :)

- - - Updated - - -

Pajji will it be very hot during day time?
Tapas bhai it is going to be a very pleasant weather in March. Don't worry :)
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Simar bhai dil ki baat bol diye.
I am a big time foodie.

Just wants to confirm after Golden Temple darshan can i eat non-veg?


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Simar bhai and Saurabh

Shradhha is always in my heart..
i never ever ask the almighty to give me something...
i just express my hearty thank you to him/her.
You can see Main Entry Side of Golden Temple from here.

Get Down from Riskshaw.
Autos / 3 Wheeleres / Small Commercial Vehicles are
allowed for sometimes when no rush is there and
they stop inside streets only, far away or
sides of Golden Temple's other Gates.

Rickshaws in weekdays only can go upto here.
This is Barricade for Golden Temple

This is back of you when you come from Jallianwala Bagh.
ASR 2.jpg

Check LED Board on Left Side.
Check Right Side Board of Kulwant's kulche.
Board - "Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale"
ASR 3.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

When You reach at shop of
"Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale"
There is a side street going inwards.
ASR Y.jpg

This is board of inner shop,
where You can sit & eat at proper Chair & Tables.

Order your Meal:
Kulche of Aloo(Potato), Ghobhi (Cauliflower) or others
ASR z.jpg
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It seems like I ate at "Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale" but cant remember 100% since its over 5 years now.