Re: "Bhai Kulwant Singh Ke Kulche " Amritsar, Punjab, India

"Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale"
The Front Shop on Main Road is in between
Jallianwala Bagh & Golden Temple.
(Check map in 34th post)

Kulchian Wale Kulwant Singh.JPG

"Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale"
Front Shop is small.
If there is no rush &
You are alone,
Eat there and enjoy the Street Life.

You can Order to Pack
and Eat Later as You like.

Kulwant K Kulche Front Shop.jpg

Finally the taste
Kulwant K Kulche Finally.jpg

Famous as
"Bhai Kulwant Singh Ke Kulche "​
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Nice thread. A suggestion--be careful with the use of word Pajji. For those who don't understand Panjabi, may interpret the word in Hindi and think it as swearing :grin:.
Thanks !
Hardy Boy !
Big Daddy ji !
Tapas Bhai !

On Map Location of "Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale"
Orange Dots

Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wala Wikimapia.jpg
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KHAJOOR is name of a Sweet at Amritsar !

Khajoor 1.jpg

Khajoor being made.
Frying in Die.
Oil heats the subject from bottom and
oil poured from top also to cook from above also !

Khajoor 2.jpg

Khajoor on Display:

Khajoor 3.jpg

This is available in street just opposite to "Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wala" Front Shop.
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@ Hardy Boy

I have no idea !
Simar Bhai / Rajat Bhai (classicrajat is Food Specialist) can tell such things more !
Or other members are also can contribute about this !

I am a Veg !
I eat GRASS only !
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@ Hardy Boy

I have no idea !
Simar Bhai / Rajat Bhai (Food Specialist) can tell such things more !
Or other members are also can contribute about this !

I am a Veg !
I eat GRASS only !
I am a grass eater as well but someone asked me so I asked. :grin:
Hardy Boy !
Your Answer is here:
"Fried Fish @ Makhan's Lawrence Road"

classicrajat said:
Guys, here is the comprehensive list of all the good places for food in amritsar *personally visited and tried n tested except the last

1. Paneer bhurji @ pape da hotel near Katra Ahluwalia (near Golden Temple) landmark Gurudas Ram Jelebiwala

2. Kesar da Dhaba at Chowk Passian (Mah KI Daal + Lachedar Parantha+ Palak Paneer + Phirni ) **highly recommended.

3. Bharawan da Dhaba (VEG Thali)
4. Kanhaiya's @ Lawrence Road for Puri Chana
5.Fried Fish @ Makhan's Lawrence Road
6.Tandoori Chicken and Lamb Dishes @ Surjit Food Plaza (Do observe the Snaps of Bollywood stars with Surjeet Singh)Lawrence Road.
7.Parkash ka Dhaba near the Golden Temple.
8.Lassi @Gian Halwaai opp. Regent Cinema.
9.Crystal Restaurant for continental food and chinese.
10. Pall dhaba for troterrs (don't know the exact location)
11.Stuffed Aloo Kulcha from Kulcha Land opp. M.K. hotel
12. Bhire ka Chicken.
Manpreet84 said:
Famous food joints in Amritsar -

1) Kanha sweets - Cholle bhature.
Location - Lawrence Road

2) Bansal sweets - Sweet dish (especially Pinni).

3) Bheera chicken - Non-veg tandoori dishes.
Location :- Majitha Road

4) Crystal restaurent - Very famous restaurent
Location - Queens Road

5) Kanahiya Sweets - Cholle bhature
Location - Phullan wala chownk

6) Khulche cholle Dhaba - Khulce (Naan) cholle
Location - Maqbool Road

7) Pal dhabha - Keema Naan
Location - Near Durgiyana Mandir

8) Parkash Meat - Mutton curry
Location - Near Golden temple

9) Makhan Dhaba - Amritsari fish
Location - Lawrence road

10) Surjeet's - Tandoori chicken
Location :- Lawrence road

11) Brijwasi chat - Chaat
Location - Cooper Road

For LASSI head straight to Hall Bazaar, Lassi wala chownk, Opposite Regent cinema. You will find a small shop of Lassi. Its a best place to have lassi in North India.

Gurdass Ram Jalebi wale - Jalebi (must try)
Location - Ahluwali Katra very close to the main gate of Golden Temple.
Manpreet84 said:
One can Zaika India ka Amritsar episode online for more information on food joints. > Free Video >Indian TV Shows
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I liked the last picture on post #31. I love this kind of food but I can never have it. In winters, such food is best eaten outside sitting on a wooden bench. It is total fun. May be a chai would be nice too.