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Pics are Great........................
with Depth in Architecture............

Where You Stayed ?
Food ?
What You have done all day ?
As Tapas Bhai wants to know this.
Give some detail for one day stay etc.
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@ Satinder ji i visited Shri Darbar shahib from Jalandhar and stayed at Kings Hotel Jalandhar food i usually had dinner at Model Town it has awesome food stalls there only starts by evening till late night


Leave your place by 6:30 and move towards Nizamuddin Railway station , and PM me your number if possible i will make a visit to you at station :)
Check Tapas Bhai's Log here on Amritsar:

He got fresh at Railway Station.
Then proceeded towards Golden Temple.
Jallianwala Bagh was attempted first.
Then went to Golden Temple.
He put his Bag / Belongings at CLOAK ROOM.


Cloak Room is at Main Entrance near Shoe Stand is also Free Service.
However, If You do not get space at this Cloak Room,
What will You do ?
There are many other Cloak Rooms inside Sarai's.Go Towards Langar Hall, You will see many Sarai's tehre & Keep your Bag / Belongings there. There is another Shoe Stand.


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I was traveling in AC. So i managed to get Upper Class waiting room for freshen up.
They have Bath room which is big and neat and clean toilet is cleaner. Basins are good as well. I did not face any issue.
There is another olace near Golden temple they charge 6 Rs for everything (Bath ,Toilet) that is also very clean. Sorry i dont remember the name.

I would recommend if anyone carrying huge luggage please use the Cloak room in station.
They charge 15RS for 24 hours.

There are loads of shoe stands near the temple.

Even the shopkeepers will allow you to keep your footwears safely. I saw few examples.