An Ode To A Curry


First; chef's hats off to Vijendra Trighatia for kicking off some old dirt off the need for a cooking section in style. He sure knows how to add wit and pun with his tamarind and turmeric and can cook anybody's goose while his chicken is cooking.

Good good! We are attracting many gourmands here.
Eric, Amit Hiambuj, Kuldip, Manpreet etc. come to mind!

If some of these gents will share their secrets we need a Recipes section ! :)
Hey Anup, you forget me ?


Nature Lover
Great stuff in here! I always believe that food is to be enjoyed not only for the taste, but for the aromas, the flavours, the colour, the atmosphere and the right company and in good spirits! Nice to see a kindred soul!


The Legend
This doesn't strictly qualify for a travel experience but I take cooking and enjoying my self as a journey of sorts in the recesses of my mind. Let this be my initiation into your wonderful world colorful expe................................................
Okie..this sounds a little funny, last evening, I did the same as above.
Want to share some observations:

a) Keep all the required ingredients in front of you before approaching for the first step, as in my case i forgot to put 'ginger garlic' paste in the dish ,difficult to say who was the culprit, the aroma of the fried onions, masalas or the scotch ?;)

b)After finalizing your dish, don't taste it yourself at the first instance, call for help!
Reason :As the time passes and so the steps 5 n 6, your senses will not be able to gauge the temperature and in the end you will be left with burnt tongue.:D

c) Eat what you cook and serve with love. Praise your self, not only for the cooking but also for taking time out from your busy schedule. You might not get the full flavor because of burnt tongue but seeing your family gorging on the meal you have prepared will definitely bring a smile on your face. :):)