An unscheduled trip to destination unknown

Sometimes, the best trips are the unplanned ones, decided on the spur of the moment and without much thoughts. Had to cancel my plans to travel to Kinnaur in May due to medical issues in the family and was frustrated as had already taken the leaves from office and was stuck in Delhi. Decided to hence travel to Haridwar and travel beyond towards hills for a short trek. Where? well, as they say, we will cross that bridge once we reach...


Well, here is the appetizer before the real thing..

To be continued...
Partner in crime. My wife’s sister was in the same boat (on leave, stuck in delhi) and was planning a trek. Decided in afternoon that I would better go on a trek with her just to escape the heat in delhi rather than getting frustrated about missing the travel. decided to travel to Uttaranchal, as we had just came back from Himachal, as my 5 year old caught viral, and returned back from Tirthan valley, missing the opportunity to visit Kalpa and Chitkul.

Got a couple of seats on a sleeper to Haridwar, packed our back-packs and on we went. the plan being, that we will plan the destination onroute and then see things as they come. Reached Kashmere gate with more than an hour to kill, and made the mistake of getting out of the metro station, that too from a different gate. First the google map took us all over the place to reach exit gate 2, from where the bus goes, eventually realizing that the gate is closed and barricaded and sort of a shady area at night. The entire area around the bus stand seemed creepy and we literally had to sit at the exit gate 1, till the time for the bus to reach.

The bus, not so clean, but ain't bad either, journey just uneventful, and we reached Haridwar around 5. While travelling in the bus, I checked out the area and realized that Vasuki Tal could be a good option and we planned to go to Kedarnath and Vasuki Tal. But well, this whole trip was made for last minute changes, so all plans are made to change..


As we start for the trip from Delhi..
Given it was the 4-dham season, shared sumos had left for Rudraprayag. The only option was to book a taxi (Rs 8000-9000) or take the bus. We kept trying for a taxi and finally, we succeeded as a taxi had come to drop someone at Haridwar and was returning back to Joshimath.

No bargain possible with him as he was immediately swarmed by travelers to Joshimath, so we also booked two middle seats to Rudraprayag (Rs 600 / seat), and decided to try our luck from there.

Stopped at a mid-way place for break-fast, had maggi and moved on. The entire road is dusty due to the four laning of roads as well as turning it into all weather road. it was extremely hot and by the time we reached Rudraprayag by 1PM, we were coated and baked. Gave in to hunger before trying to find further travelling options and had a sumptuous lunch of dal, aloo gobhi and chapatis at a dhaba. Checked with the dhaba owner about Vasuki Tal, he said it is completely snowed in and the authorities would not allow us to go beyond Kedarnath. So there go our plans out of the window..

Dusty roads and the river to accompany us.. River has also turned dusty and is only cleaner once you more ahead of Rudraprayag