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Increase support of Memory Card ifrom 4GB to 128GB n Android Mobile:

Anyone tried this ?


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Sim Tray adopter for 2sims + micro SD card to be used simultaneously

sim tray bypass.jpg


Most smartphones that are launched today come with hybrid SIM slot, but if you want you can use both SIMs + Micro SD card together using the Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter that helps you run 2 SIMs and Micro SD card at the same time.

Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter
This adapter comes with the nano SIM circuit that is paper thin attached with a paper thin circuit that connects with nano SIM slot. Now you can buy nano to nano, nano to micro SD or nano to normal SIM adapter.

I got the nano to nano slot adapter. This adapter will work with almost all hybrid slot provided the micro SD slot / nano is near the tray, since the paper thin circuit comes out from that end. The setup is very simple, it might take some time getting the nano adapter inside to fit properly.

Once done you will be able to use SIM + Micro SD card that is within the handset and a nano SIM via the circuit outside.

Check video for more details.

Where to buy?
You can buy this from for Rs. 299 (price now increased) or you can also buy from international website for a cheaper price, but it will take around 30 days for delivery.

A very good option for those looking to use micro SD card and 2 SIMs. On the back you can stick the external SIM tray, best option would be to buy a back cover so that it gets covered completely.

I tried this on Redmi 4 handset and it worked, now on my Redmi 4 I can use SIM 1 + SIM 2 + micro SD card all together. This adapter should work on almost all Redmi Models.

Let me know what you think about this Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter.

Hybrid double dual SIM Slot Adapter. Avails You To Run 2 SIM And Micro SD Card

For all Hybrid SIM phones - Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung ..


sim extender $_35.JPG
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How to reclaim 1GB from your Android's disk space
Jul 03, 2013

A faster way to accomplish this is to do the following:

Settings > Storage > Cached Data

This will erase unnecessary data, in my case over 1GB.

- - - -

Using a disk space analyzer, I was surprised to see that my Android tablet had 1.03GB of photos. This was odd to me, because I knew there were only a couple of photos on the device.

I pinpointed the problem to thumbnails. These are tiny copies of photos used by some apps to more quickly display pictures. Specifically, the 1GB was being taken up by a thumbnail index file, and I didn't need to lose that 1GB to a function I don't use on the tablet. I erased the file as follows:

1. Open a file manager on Android. I use File Manager from Rhythm Software.

2. Ensure that it can display system or hidden files. This is an option somewhere under Settings. In File Manager, tap Menu > Settings > Show Hidden Files.

3. Navigate to \mnt\sdcard\DCIM\ .thumbnails. By the way, DCIM is the standard name for the folder that holds photographs, and is the standard for pretty much any device, whether smartphone or camera; it is short for "digital camera IMages." Another BTW: when a folder name is prefixed with a period, then it is a hidden folder in Android (such as .thumbnails).

4. Select and erase the file that's about 1GB and contains the word 'thumbdata." The exact file name will vary.

After I did this, image viewing apps like Gallery operated just fine, with no apparent slowdown from the loss of this file.

In this way I freed up 1GB on my Android v4 tablet, 1GB on my Android v4 phone, and 750MB on an older Android v2 phone.

Keeping the 1GB Free

Because .thumbdata is a system file, Android recreates it. Indeed, you may find more than one copy in the .thumbnails folder, if you have reinstalled Android or similarly redid the system in some way.

To keep Android from creating the 1GB file anew, we need to create a dummy file that fools Android. In short, we create a text file with a text editor, and then move it to the thumbnails folder. Here are the steps to doing this:

1. Use File Manager to determine the exact name of the thumbnail index file. On one of my Android devices, the name is .thumbdata3--1967290299. Write it down.

2. Start a text editor or word processor on the Android, and then create a new text file.

3. Use the Save As command to save the file in the DCIM folder. (We move it to the .thumbnails folder in a later step.) Save it with the same name at that index file, such as ".thumbdata3--1967290299". Now, depending on the text editor's capabilities, it might not allow the "." prefix or a blank extension. Thus, you might end up with thumbdata3--1967290299.txt as the file name. We fix this in a later step.

4. Exit the text editor, and then switch to File Manager. Now, it is important you use a file manager like Rhythm Software's File Manager app, because it does what some others cannot: it can (a) rename file extensions and (b) access hidden folders.

5. In File Manager, navigate to the \DCIM\ .thumbnails folder. If the thumbdata3 file is there again, erase it again.

6. Move up a level to the \DCIM folder, and then right-click the thumbdata3--1967290299.txt file name. ("Right click" means hold your finger down on the name until a menu appears.)

7. From the menu, choose Rename, and then rename thumbdata3--1967290299.txt to .thumbdata3--1967290299 -- (a) add the dot (.) to the start of the file name, and (b) erase the ".txt" from the end of the file name.

8. Click OK (or Rename) to finish renaming.

9. Right click the file name, and then choose Move (or Cut).

10. Navigate down to the .thumbnails folder, and then tap Paste.

The dummy file will now prevent Android from creating the huge index file.

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Many Android Devices /
Redmi Mobile Misc File Cleaner guide:

MIUI8 | MIUI7: Clean Miscellaneous & Duplicate Files From Redmi Devices! [HD]


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ByPass Google Account Lock Remove/Reset Frp Lock NO APK,NO TOOL,NO OTG Solution 100%TESTD



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When you connect your mobile to PC,
please have a beter quality cable as data transferring is easy with it.
Good cables are little thick and soft type with thick / better wires to for smooth transfer of files / current.

I got to see this recently when my Redmi3s failed to transfer data in field.
But it was ok at home when I used better wire.
Now I keep better quality genuine wire.


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Another Android Mobile came to me for a problem.

LG P765

Problem was a regular Pop-up message on screen : has stopped working.
On rebooting this message appeared:
System UIDs inconsistent
i'm feeling lucky

UIDs on the system are
inconsistent, you need to wipe
your data partition or your
device will be unstable

I'm feeling lucky

Apps were opening easily but cell network had problem to connect.
I simply did Factory Reset & all data wiped out.

After factory rest it is working ok.

This video helped me on this:

problem with old mobiles is that 4GB mobiles are facing problem due to whatsapp data that is causing this problem.
Whatsapp data is stored in android's internal phone memory .
This internal space is a precious property as coslty as a plot.

Though Link2sd / app2sd etc are some programs but they havce their own problems.
First you need to have ROOT your Mobile.
Then formatting an external SD card is not easy.
After this some mount script etc can mess up any time if not at starting.
Links get disturbed often.
but now with better costing of mobiles.
16GB mobiles are here around Rs.6000 price range.
32GB mobiles are Rs.9000 approx.
Better shift to this pric range.

You can get 2nd hand mobile at 40-60% less after 6-12 months.
Mobile costs are getting lower each year.
Prices are getting almost half after 2-3 years like it is for computers in last decade.
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Increase Internal Memory of your mobile using External SD Card in MARSHMALLOW OS.
Those mobiles like Samsung / Redmi, which do not support this feature
Install ADB via debugging your Marshmallow mobile & connect your pc with it to increase internal storage
No Rooting !



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Remove ALL Bloatware from any Android Smartphone without Root

Snazzy Labs

Published on Sep 23, 2015
For those that aren't able to watch more than 10 seconds of a video before commenting: this method will permanently remove (you won't be able to recover what you delete) bloatware from all smartphones except non-rooted Samsung phones. If you're on a Samsung handset, the files will only be disabled. Every other device supports complete removal.

Downloads for Mac:
Debloater.v.x.xx.dmg - -
New Android phones (Marshmallow or newer) need to use this method to install ADB instead of method mentioned in video -

Downloads for Windows:
Debloater.v.x.xx.exe -
ADB for Windows -

Android is a fantastic mobile operating system. While for many years I considered iOS to be the clear leader, the two platforms are closer than ever before-equally impressive-both with its own strengths and weaknesses. One of the annoyances with Android is the fact that most new phones come with lots of bloatware that cannot be uninstalled. Today, I will show you how to remove any and all bloatware from any Android smartphone without root permissions.