Anjarle Dapoli Beach !! Pristine !! No Tourists !! Dhamaal !!

Leo Pandey

Hey BCM Tourers,

Back again with another log for a ride we did from Mumbai to Anjarle Beach (Dapoli) 600 kmsof pure madness. We had 9 Bikes & a Car for this trip & it turned out to be the best ride so far, because this is the 4th time we have been to this place. We do an Annual trip at the start of the year to keep the riding momentum going from the previous year.

How to reach - From Mumbai there are two ways to reach Anjarle Beach
1. NH17 Via Kashedi Ghats (Long Route - But Fub Route as there are lots of twisties & smooth tarmac)
2. NH17 via Goregaon (Read Mangao) (Shorter route - but road conditions are not good, if going via car take this route, it will help you save time.

So back to the log, while i pen down the words & edit a few more pics, i will leave you with a video that would highlight the whole trip..!! Do check out & leave your comments



Leo Pandey

Okay...So continuing on..!!

The plan was onnn!! And had 2 weeks to spend, having 2 weekends at hand the 25th & 31st, time was flying so i did a ride on 25th with my better half and my friend Arun & Arsha (damn, another log to write. Read - Malshej, will post that one too with the video highlights)

Out of 15 Members of what we call ourselves as NHT - NomaHawk Tourers a few coludnt make it to the ride for the annual pilgrimage. Since this was the 4th time we were going and 3 days at hand, we decided to document the ride, welcome aboard GoPros, a Drone and a few DSLRS !! By this time Avinash (Insane Rider) had dropped out & we got a confirmation that a 2500 Baht rider was going to Join us from Bangalore !! A ride of 900 kms just to meet us niggas !! What else it could be but Love !! :p

Let the ride begin !! >>>

Awaiting your comments, suggestions, do tell if you liked it or not
(Till then, penning a few more words for the 3 Day Ride Log)


The Bikes enjoying a stunning Sunset !! All those colors !! damn they brighten up your mood in an instant !! don't they?