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Delhi Airtel broadband users- internet working fine??
Yesterday was miserable but that was due to my account under last 100MB, this happens every time.
When balance is near renewal due to date or exhusting data bits, it will go super slow.
Some how net won't work till last drop.


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I have been using youbroadband in Gurgaon, it is really great
Total Cost for 3 months : 990
Total Fair usage GB: 50 @ 4mbps
Speed after fair usage: 512kbps


Sandeep Kaul
There are many hotels in Mount Abu.
Because December / January / Februalry is cold enough
and Hotels are readily available at lesser rates around 1K-1k2 per day only
unlike high rates at summer season.

This year on 26 Jan 2013, people in my group took rooms near Gurdwara / opp Polo Ground.
Satinderji, booking already done in the circuit houses :)


Sandeep Kaul
But how to do that. Explore availability, charges e.t.c.
Particularly if you are not holding any government office or letter from them or not in touch with caretaker.
Call the office in charge of booking. Send fax, if required. Since we are not working for the govt. (any govt.) booking priority is last. Check a few days before the booking date. Be ready to find alternate accommodation if some govt. person lands up. Simple! :rolleyes:
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