Another trip to Ladakh - September 2018

Gaurav Tomar

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Day 4
10/09 (Mon), Kargil to Lamayuru via Batalik sector in approx 10 hours.

We started from Kargil around 08:30 towards a village at LOC called 'Hunderman' which was around 12 kms from Kargil and another item in my wish list from sometime.

It took approx 30 mins to reach Hunderman and that time we 3 were the only tourists there, we could see a village across the border on the way as well.

Village is beautiful, small, not developed and population was 21 only. Road was very narrow but in good condition. Met few locals in Hunderman village where they offered us Tea in their house as well - warm welcome it was :)

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Gaurav Tomar

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After spending sometime in Hunderman, we returned to Kargil and started towards Batalik region rather than taking regular NH1 route via Mulbeikh.

After an hour's drive covering 30 kms from Kargil, we reached 'Hamboting La' at 4024 mtrs which is the only and highest Pass on this route. It was beautiful route with no traffic at all, spent few mins at the Pass and moved towards our next destination Batalik approx 25 kms ahead.

We were not allowed to take pictures at Batalik, stopped there for sometime and chat with Army jawans gave us some insights of that region.
Road after Batalik towards Khaltse runs alongwith Indus river, it was another wonderful route to drive on.

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Gaurav Tomar

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Our next stop was Garkon Village which is about 30 kms ahead of Batalik.

Garkon is an 'Aryan' village and one from the four main villages in this region - others are Dah, Hanu and Darchik. All these four villages are situated at the banks of Indus River. Darchik and Garkon villages are in Kargil district. The inhabitants of these villages are known as ‘Dards’. Locals also call them ‘Brokpas’ which in Tibetan language means the highlanders.
People there wear a different traditional costume occasionally and their headgear is very attractive.

Nobody asked for permit but what I read a permit has to be issued to visit these villages specially if you are coming from the other side i.e. Leh side.

This was another place I wanted to visit from a long time so was quite excited to see what I had read on internet only. We were very lucky to attend a local function where District Magistrate was the chief guest due to which locals were performing fully dressed up in their traditional attire. We had a great experience to visit this village.

After Garkon, we started for Lamayuru via Khaltse as another route via Sanjak was not in good shape as told by locals.
We planned to stay at Lamayuru (detour of approx 20 kms) rather than moving to Leh directly so that next day we can visit the oldest Monastery of Ladakh in Lamayuru and Moonland then move towards Leh.
Stayed in Greenland Guest house in Lamayuru with good facilities, including Airtel 4G network :)

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Gaurav Tomar

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Day 5
11/09 (Tue), Lamayuru to Leh.

Last night was not good for me in terms of health due to cold outside, my carelessness that I took it very lightly. I had lost a lot of water overnight due to multiple episodes of vomiting and stomach upset so it was a bad morning for me as I was unable to get up from bed for few hours.

We had to cancel our plan to visit Lamayuru monastery and Moonland. Both the guys helped me to get into the car and moved towards Leh around 12 pm.

We took 2.5 hours to reach SNM Hospital in Leh where I wanted to consult a doctor for me and had to return hospital's blanket which we had taken last year while Air lifting post our accident in Nubra Valley. During the journey between Lamayuru and Leh, I gained some energy by continuously drinking ORS and Juices.

I somehow couldn't return the blanket this day as wanted to meet Dr. T Dorje (Ortho) who was not available but successfully consulted the doctor on duty regarding my health.

For information - SNM (Sonam Nurboo Memorial) Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Leh, other two good hospitals are GH (General Hospital) and MH (Military Hospital).

We moved towards our homestay after consulting with doctor and taking medicines, my stay in Leh is a fixed place named as "Ling's" at upper tukcha road for my every visit as the owner is more than a friend to me. I owe him a lot as he was one of my biggest help during our bad time in Ladakh last year.

Only few pictures to share from this day as after landing into the room I didn't come out of the bed but yes other two guys were rolling continuously and completed following tasks without me: -

1) Puncture repaired
2) Local BSNL prepaid SIM purchased @ 300 rupees with unlimited outgoing calls for next 84 days, activated in couple of hours and a big support throughout our trip. SIM is easily available and issues using Aadhaar number.
3) Some snacks and fluids (not alcohol) purchased as our stock for next few days.

So maximum time of this day got wasted due to my illness and we could not see anything in Leh too as per our original plan :-(

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