Another trip to Ladakh - September 2018

Gaurav Tomar

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Day 6
12/09 (Wed), Local Leh

One more time Dorjay Bhaiya (Ling's owner) took care of me so well that I was feeling much better today morning and was ready to move around with not full but with manageable energy. We got ready around 10 ish to start our local excursion in and around the city. We gave our IDs and itinerary to Dorjay Bhaiya to arrange our permits for next few days.

We straightaway went to Spituk Monastery from where we could see a spectacular view of AI flight landing at Leh Airport and later we realized it was not allowed to click Leh airport or runway due to security reasons.

After that, we visited Hall of Fame which was on the way to SNM Hospital where blanket had to be returned. Dr Dorje was not available today as well but I handed over the blanket to the caretaker of same ward.

We had only one day to visit so many places in and around Leh so after SNM we went to Shey Palace, Thiksey Monastery, Rancho School, Stakna Monastery then moved back to Ling's for lunch.

After an hour's lunch break at Ling's we went to see more places in other direction like Magnetic Hill, Nimmoo (confluence), Pathar Sahib, Local Leh Market and Shanti Stupa.

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Gaurav Tomar

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Met a friend 'Lobzang Zotpa' suddenly at fuel pump in Leh, he is the guy who was a great help last year in arranging the copy of FIR from Diskit post our accident.

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Gaurav Tomar

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After a busy day, Col. Pawar kindly came to see us at Ling's around 9 pm. Such a wonderful person he is, another biggest support he was last year in Leh.

Thankful to him and yes he made our Day 8 of this trip memorable too :)

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Our next stop was Garkon Village which is about 30 kms ahead of Batalik.

Garkon is an 'Aryan' village and one from the four main villages in this region - others are Dah, Hanu and Darchik. All these four villages are situated at the banks of Indus River. Darchik and Garkon villages are in Kargil district. The inhabitants of these villages are known as ‘Dards’. Locals also call them ‘Brokpas’ which in Tibetan language means the highlanders.
People there wear a different traditional costume occasionally and their headgear is very attractive.

Nobody asked for permit but what I read a permit has to be issued to visit these villages specially if you are coming from the other side i.e. Leh side.

This was another place I wanted to visit from a long time so was quite excited to see what I had read on internet only. We were very lucky to attend a local function where District Magistrate was the chief guest due to which locals were performing fully dressed up in their traditional attire. We had a great experience to visit this village.

After Garkon, we started for Lamayuru via Khaltse as another route via Sanjak was not in good shape as told by locals.
We planned to stay at Lamayuru (detour of approx 20 kms) rather than moving to Leh directly so that next day we can visit the oldest Monastery of Ladakh in Lamayuru and Moonland then move towards Leh.
Stayed in Greenland Guest house in Lamayuru with good facilities, including Airtel 4G network :)

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Is there any permit required if i travel kargil to leh via batalik ?
during my 2015 ride i had try this route without permit but due to very bad weather i had come back to kargil.