Another trip to Ladakh - September 2018

Gaurav Tomar

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We did not take any permit on this route and nobody asked for it too.
Is there any permit required if i travel kargil to leh via batalik ?
during my 2015 ride i had try this route without permit but due to very bad weather i had come back to kargil.
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Gaurav Tomar

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Day 7
13/09 (Thu), Leh to Hunder

So it was time to leave Leh towards Nubra Valley, plan was to reach Turtuk this day.
Left Ling's after breakfast and few clicks with Dorjay Bhaiya around 08:40 am. It was a clear day and we had a news that K top had received good snow couple of days before.

We reached Khardung La at 10:30 where we spent approx an hour without any issues as we all were very well acclimatized. Next stop was Maitreya Budhdha statue in Diskit, few photo breaks and we started feeling hungry.

Found a place in Diskit market to have some maggie, made a call to Col. Pawar post which we cancelled our plan to Turtuk as something else was arranged by Col. Pawar for us - yes we 3 were so excited about that :)

As per our changed itinerary, we had to stay in or around Diskit. A friend Jigmet runs his beautiful Guest House in Hunder named as "Wachan Guest House" and he was informed about our trip so our stay was sorted already. We reached Wachan around 4 pm where we got the same room where I stayed last year :)

After settling down there and a brief chat with Jigmet, we went out to spend our evening in the famous Dunes in Nubra Valley. Weather that time was not so clear and high speed winds were making almost everything invisible nevertheless we spent some good time in Dunes and returned to Wachan where we got good home made Dinner.

Our families were informed about our changed plan - all thanks to BSNL prepaid :)

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Gaurav Tomar

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Day 8
14/09 (Fri), Hunder - SBC - Hunder

This day was spent traveling from Hunder to Siachen Base Camp and back to Hunder for night stay as we wanted to tank up from Diskit pump for next few days.

Started from Wachan around 8:30 and reached SBC by 1:30 where we spent the best time of our trip - all thanks to Col. Pawar :)

Luckily met Jawan Devi Singh who was posted in SBC that time, he was with us in SNM hospital for 2 days last year and running through all the time to get what we needed in that situation.

Sharing pics until Sasoma only due to some reasons. Sasoma is 47 kms before SBC and civilians are not allowed to cross Army TCP at Sasoma without permission.

Visited Panamik Hot springs while returning to Hunder as well.

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Gaurav Tomar

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Day 9
15/09 (Sat), Hunder - Merak

So Turtuk and Tso Moriri was out of our plan as we had permits for 5 days out of which 2 days were already spent in Nubra Valley. We started from Wachan around 8:30 and took Agham-Shyok route to reach Pangong, route was a mix of very bad to very good roads but luckily we managed to cross all bad sections without any underbody hit.
I spotted the same bus at same place which had hit us last year

We reached Shyok by 11:20, this entire route was very scenic and we took many photo breaks at multiple places. Our permits were checked at Tangste and after meeting Himalayan Marmots we saw the board saying 'First view of world famous Pangong Lake' at 13:30.

We had our Maggie lunch at Lukung right in front of Pangong Lake and then moved forward to spend time alongside the lake. Just after 5 kms, we reached Spangmik where we spent an hour at lakeside. We continued further towards Man which was 11 kms ahead of Spangmik then 8 kms more to Merak Village. Weather was not clear when we reached Lukung but after sometime it got cleared and we could see magical colors of Pangong. This entire stretch between Spangmik and Merak was extremely beautiful with spectacular views throughout - with no roads though but not a problem, Vaayu didn't complaint anywhere

Peaceful Homestay was the place which was already noted for night stay however it was not booked in advance. We did some negotiations with Mr. Palzor who is owner of GH and settled at 800 rs per person with meals. This was the best and closest place to Pangong Lake in Merak, host was very nice and place is highly recommended.

Mobile network was not there in that area but there is a satellite PCO available in the village from where we informed our family about our night stay. Another dinner of simple but delicious home cooked food followed by an hour's walk in the village in pitch dark night is unforgettable

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