Anti-theft security lock || Not Electronic

Sunny Khanduja

Love Riding
Hi Friends,

Please suggest some Anti-theft Security Locks for Bikes, not looking forward to electronic locks.

Await your response.

Fellow Biker
Reviving an old thread.

Just read these two news articles and now I'm wondering what is the best strategy to protect our bikes from such thieves:
Bangalore Police recovers 16 Royal Enfield, KTM Duke, etc worth Rs 30 lakhs from thieves
Royal Enfield Classic 350 stolen in 2 minutes - Thief breaks lock, starts ignition (Video)

The disk break locks that many people use also don't seem to be of much use:

Although I live in a gated apartment with proper parking, I'm worried about the bike when I'm out touring and have to park at unknown places.

Does anyone have experience in using these sort of GPS devices?
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Yogesh Sarkar

Biggest issue with gear locks etc. is that beyond the first weeks, you're rarely incline to use them. Since it is a chore to lock and unlock the bike.

Online trackers are good, but they have to be bought from good companies, since they will likely be traceable, until the company website is up.

Maybe putting an old android phone inside the bike is an option as well when you park it, since it will allow you to track its location from your Google account. But thats an additional thing you need to charge and carry, but won't cost much except the data connection each month, if you already have a old phone and are willing to spend the money.