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Nikhil S Rajan

Hello fellas ,
Am Dr Nikhil S Rajan , hailing from Kollam , Kerala . Have been a member of Bcm touring since 2013 . Started off by posting review on my thunderbird 350, 2013 and then started reviewing on my cars which I use . Today I was just browsing through this forum on off topic discussion other than automobiles . Photography to me is just a hobby , am not a proffesional photographer neither I use or know to use and SLR camera . But my proffesion needs to have the use of photography . Am basically a Maxillofacial Prosthodontist and implantologist , what I do basically is smile makeover , replacement of missing tooth , and all these procedures require outmost skill and passion and with the help of photographs I can evaluate myself and keep record of my own work . To me photographs of my treatment needs to differentiate between blood , bone , tissue during the course of my surgical procedure and shade of the tooth along with esthetics in smile furring makeovers with respect to skin tone of my patient , and facial profile . I mostly take more than 10-20 phots of different tretement I do . For me camera is an integral part . I too am a gadget freak . When is started of mud passion in photography I had a digital Samsung camera of 8 megapixel , which I used for my purposes . But due to lack of knowledge on focus , light , background and viewing area I had to take more than 100 pics of a single treatment where I get 2-3 photos with my liking . During those days in late 2006 I have been using Nokia 1100 which even dint have a camera . Then I baught my first camera phone Sony Ericsson w810i Walkman Phoenix with very less pixels . But during the course of time the digital camera by Samsung was going out of my hand as I couldn’t manage to take good pics . One of my friend Mr Anoop who had some knowledge in photography started to advice me how to take photos with a good view on focus , light , background etc . He too was a gadget Greek . During those days in 2007 Apple lounged it’s first phone iPhone and one of cousins baught it from the states . I had a view on it and the photos taken in it was awesome . During those days I changed my phone to k810i with 3 mp camera and I started of taking potraits and my treatment record pics which came out very well . But the photos taken on my cousin brother iPhone was much better and their was no niggles in focusing neither issues of time lapse during each frame . In 2008 I baught myself a iPhone 3G which mad me feel like a pro photorgrpaher . It was a good phone , was easy to use and the pics taken were simply awesome . With this I could record my work on my phone and I became a fan of Apple iPhone . Since then I owned the 3GS, 5, 5s , 6s and now the X procured after prebooking and a long wait for 2 weeks a space grey 256Gb one . So I named this thread as Apple IPhone photography . Hope you all dint get bored with my prologue . Posting good pics of photos taken with my iPhone .



























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A Passionate Photographer
Great Pictures Dr. Nikhil. I am also an Apple fanboy. I love taking pictures with my 7 Plus when I'm not carrying SLR.

Nikhil S Rajan

Dear friends ,

Thanks for all your replies , what I felt on iPhone especially on its camera is that it’s very fast , captures real colours , low light photography is bad though but have improved leaps and bounds on iPhone X , have been using Apple iPhone since 2008 , I have never felt lag in any sort nor have even reset it for sluggish behaviour .