Are touchscreen mobile fones sturdy enough for long rides (not drives) ?


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But still I can not live without WM phone
Yes, I got used to that, it's convenient for me to synch with email at work, I've been without a phone for more than a month, the TyTnII had finally died completely. I need to go and start a new contract (the current one ends sometime next month) and I've been thinking I would get another HTC...I don't feel happy about having one of those other OS. The one other guy in my office that has TyTnII, his is still ok, after about a year...maybe more.


^^ Why not go the Android way? Android 2.1 is pretty good IMO.

Else there is always the good line up from the HTC WM line up. The HD2 with the 1Ghz snapdragon process is uber cool!
Why not go for Samsung Corby? It has Capacitive touchscreen and the interface is really fast.

PS: It has one of the best browsers also.

Yogesh Sarkar

Sony Ericsson mobile phones are good, but that does not means Nokia is bad. In fact out of the 7 mobile phones I have owned (2 Sony Ericsson, 4 Nokias and 1 Vodaphone), only one have had hang issue. Apart from that, Nokias have performed better than the rest, especially when it comes to network performance, voice clarity and battery life.