Aroma Royal Garden Restaurant, Pushkar

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    Aroma Royal Garden Restaurant is the closest decent restaurant to fair ground and stadium in Pushkar and has beautifully decorated entrance gate.


    While it is more expensive than other garden restaurants and cafes in Pushkar, service here is prompt and courteous and although initially we were the only ones there on the day we had our breakfast there, it hopefully maintains the same standard throughout the day.

    In terms of food, Cheese Burger I had was quite decent and so was Grilled Cheese and Mushroom Sandwich Siddharth ordered, however it was the aloo parathas, which made me a fan of this place. They were simply delicious and I was cursing myself for not ordering them in the first place!


    Tea too was quiet good, however lassi was almost pathetic.

    Overall, Aroma Royal Garden Restaurant is a wonderful place to have food, after exploring the camel fair ground, especially since it involves minimal walking and has a lovely ambiance to boot as well.

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