Ashok Leyland and Tata Intercity Buses


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Anyone has any inputs for Raraveendra's query below?
Back in 2012,13,14,15 etc. there was a daily service from Mananthavadi to Trivandrum. The operator was Priyadarshini transports who had 2 Ashok Leyland A/C buses built by Veera. They didnt have online booking only counter/telephonic booking was available. Have traveled in this buses numerous times and always had great experiences. They have been inoperational for the past couple of years - anybody know the reason for this? I suspect some kind of a financial problem.

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did bangalore Kozhikode trip on ksrtc rajahamsa
departure 21.00 from MCTC - Bus reached around 8.35 pm and luckily all passengers were on time. But departure delayed by around 10 mins because TNSTC buses entered from wrong way and made a traffic deadlock. A lady controller was pleading on the loudspeaker not to enter from wrong side but to no avail.
Both drivers were well behaved. First driver was a bit slow till we stopped for dinner at Kamat Upachar around 10.30 pm. We started after 30 mins break. Reached Mysore around 12.40 am and drivers were calling for passengers as we had around 8-10 seats vacant. Only one passenger joined us and we started moving after 15 mins.
I slept after Mysore and woke up just before we started descending ghat. There was some difficult turns where we reversed and also at two places there was jam because of heavy trucks. We cleared the ghat and just before thamarassery we passed a SRS Scania stationed with engine on. Reached Calicut at 7.20 am. One of the two drivers was a bit restless and was getting irritated at passengers for requesting for loo breaks early morning.

After getting down I spoke to drivers and requested them that they could announce a break at Mysore or midway where there are toilets so that lady passengers can use them. I got a careless reply from second driver "this is not sleeper service to wake up people. Whenever bus stops passenger should get up and go out"

Hope they realize that there are lady passengers as well...………..Thanks for reading.


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Anyone has any inputs for Raraveendra's query below?
Deepam, may be Binaiks can help!
Oops! I had seen the query, but missed out on replying.

Priyadarshini is dead. It was a co-operative society run by the government for the welfare of SC/ST people. This operator had plenty of local buses - I think most of that is also stopped now.


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Taking this bus as part of Group Tour Scania front facia.
Yet to ride the bus on Tata 1618 chassis Euro 3

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Feedback received from driver Rajasthan was predominantly Tata buses, post Euro 4 due to special Urea used in TATA chassis they have started to use now Ashok Leyland Chassis as those doesn't use Urea.
How an additional components or system used can be deterrent for Sale of Products.
AFAIK both Tata and Bharat Benz use Urea for BS4.
Hope both of them, come with new technology for BS6.