Ashok Leyland and Tata Intercity Buses


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KSRTC Non AC Sleeper bus operating between Hyderabad and Udupi, pic captured at Hotel Sandarshini near Raikal Toll:

Apologize for the light streaks.

Quick journey review:
Departure: MGBS Sch 5:30 PM / Act 5:38 PM
Arrival: Udupi Sch 11:00 AM / Act 11:10 AM
KA19F3533, Udupi Depot.

The bus reached Sandarshini for lunch break at 7:10 PM and started at 7:40 PM.
From there till Matkal got to sit in Cabin.
Then went to doze off, this bus has stop only at Raichur and Harihar. Harihar there was only 1 Lady passenger to get down.
The bus had fuel break at Manvi Depot and driver change. The second driver (Driver cum Conductor) was scheduled to Mariyamanahalli.
The third driver drive from Mariyamanahalli to Shimoga.
First driver drive from Shivamogga to Udupi.
The bus reached Shivamogga at 6:35 AM and post loo break started at 6:55 AM.
Reached Mastikatte at 8:50 AM and departed at 9:20 AM. Reached Kundapura at 10:20 AM and finally reaching Udupi at 11:10 AM.

Pics of Ballebare Ghat as seen from Driver's cabin: