Autumn Road Trip to Lahaul Valley


Keylong to Kullu Manali | Return Journey from Lahaul

Hello Friends, presenting sixth part of our Lahaul Valley Road Trip covering our return journey from Keylong in Lahaul Valley to Kullu in Kullu Valley.

We started return journey from Keylong and took around 3 hours to reach Kullu via Atal Tunnel.

Our first stop was Tandi where Chandra and Bhaga river meets to form river Chandrabhaga which is called Chenab River after it enters Jammu and Kashmir.

Tandi can also be called as Varanashi of Lahaul Valley because it has several monasteries in and around it. These are

1) Shashur Monastery : Located on a uphill narrow road of 2 KM from Keylong town around 14 KM from Tandi.
2) Tupchiling Monastery : Its a 5 min walk from Tandi Bridge or Tandi petrol Pump on Tandi Piukar Road. You can clearly see the confluence of Chandra and Bhaga rivers from above at this place.
3) Guru Ghantal Monastery : Oldest monastery of Lahaul valley which can be reached by a uphill trek of around 2 to 3 hours from Tupchiling Monastery. This monastery is believed to be around 1300 years old. If you visit this monastery then request for keys to the monastery in Tupchiling Monastery.
4) Kardung Village and Monastery : Located at around 10 KM from Tandi Bridge on Tandi Piukar road this village is the former capital of Lahaul valley. A road leads to Kardung Monastery from the village which is around 2 KM long. Entire Keylong town is visible from here which is on the right bank of Bhaga river. This monastery is also visible from Keylong town.
5) Apart from these prominent monasteries there are several small monasteries on Tandi Piukar Road.

Next point on our route was Sissu which has a tourism village, a lake and a water fall. This is the most green area of entire Lahaul Valley. Temple of Raja Ghepan (Gyephang) the presiding lord of Lahaul valley is located here. As per belief of Lahauli people, Raja Ghepan (Gyephang) resides in the Gyephang mountain that rises above Sissu village and is around 5800 meter high. In old days people of Lahaul fought their wars under the banner of Lord Gyephang.

Soon we reached Atal Tunnel. Before the construction and opening of Atal Tunnel, Lahaul valley used to remain cut off from rest of the world as it lies between three high mountain passes which remains snow bound for half of the year making it impossible to reach Lahaul valley through land. These passes are 3978 meters high Rohtang pass that connects it with Kullu Manali, 4551 meters high Kunzam pass that connects it with Spiti Valley, 4850 meters high Baralacha Pass that connects it with Ladakh.

We entered Solang Valley after crossing Atal Tunnel and soon reached Kullu Valley. We did some shopping of Kullu Handlooms and Shawls at Kullu.

Below video covers our journey up to this point.