Avani - Be Part of the Legend

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Why this destination

They key consideration was to be able to visit some place in less than half day. Considering that i reside in KR Puram, this was the nearest option that could find. Once I realized the legend Avani carries, made up my mind immediately as I had my parents as well tagging along.

  • Legends
Legend has it that this is the place where Lava and Kusa were born. And this is the place where the famous war between Lord Ram and his sons took place. It is said that the room where Sita maata gave birth to her two sons is still preserved.

On way to Avani

We started off at 3PM on Aug 15. My wife was absolutely livid at this idea as my son had an exam next day. She takes every exam pretty seriously even if it is a 3rd grade periodic (regular assessment). Of course, otherwise she wouldn’t be a doctor!

I was not expecting much to happen on the way there. I have driven on this highway (NH75) before and didn’t find anything interesting! This time though I observed carefully, and was up for a treat!

Right on the bypass of Kolar, and before hitting the 2nd toll gate, there was this serene lake. A quick search alter revealed that this is known as “Kolaramma kere”. The highway had a service road connection, and we quickly pulled over. We wanted to get closer to the lake but it didn't have a direct approach from the main road. So we (dad, myself and my son) bid bye to the ladies, jumped the railing and went down. The way was a bit steep albeit short! It is a nice 2 hour stop if you like to enjoy cool breeze. For a lake, the water had more than usual waves. One can wet their feet in the water. And probably sit and enjoy the view for a while.

We had to move on from there was we were getting late for our final destination.

After the 2nd toll gate, we took a right - maybe after 200-300 meters. It didn't make sense to pay INR 100 for a return fare to the toll when we had to get off it few meters away. There are some inner roads that connect to Avani just before the 2nd toll. It might be a wise idea to try that.

The inner roads were mostly well laid except for a stretch of 200 meters, where the road was just gravel. We finally reached about 4:30 PM

At Avani

We finally set foot on the “punyabhoomi” where a major episode of Ramayana took place (Uttara Kanda), where Sita maata had once lived, Lord Ram had set foot, where Lava & Kusa were brought up and showed the courage to fight their own father for what they believed to be righteous! And where, we could be also be part of this legend!

Avani is a small village. We couldn’t locate shops to buy even basic amenities. It might be wise to carry your own food and water in case you plan a day-long trip (which is what is likely required). It has a collection of temples.

Our first stop was the major temple “Ramalingeshwara” which houses Lord Shiva. The complex also has temples of “Lakshmaneshwara”, “Bharateshwara” and “Shatrugneshwara”. Except for Ramalingeshwara temple area none of the others have been preserved - they lay in ruins! For so much of a legend, such an apathy from the authorities!

After our prayers, we enquired the local priest about the area to visit which we had come! He told us that a temple for Sita maata has been constructed at this location, and it is on top of a hill right behind this temple.

The path to this temple (where the room of birth of Lava and Kusa can be seen) is not motorable. The hill is to be ascended. To our shock, the priest told us that there are a total of 1000 steps interspersed with steep inclines in between. And that it typically takes about 1.5 hours for ascent and 1 for descent. It was already 4:45 PM and there was no way we could have made this climb. And my parents’ health conditions doesn’t allow them to make such climbs. And wifey put her foot down! But my son was jumping up and down - he thought it would be a cakewalk, and we could back in no time.

So, after all the debate between the 4 of us, we decided that so as not to disappoint the kid, me and him will start climbing and turn back whenever his exciting fades off (which was not too far in time!).

As in any holy climbs, you leave your footwear at the steps & take blessings before you begin. We did the same and started off. We went up few steps - they were pretty steep and I was trying to catch my breath pretty soon. After the initial steps, we reached an incline that had to be climbed holding the side bars - though there were steps “etched” on the incline!

The view was already gorgeous, and we had just got started! Look at the sky in the above picture (that’s the real sky - no editing other than basic light and contrast changes!)

Murphy’s law states that all that can go wrong will go wrong - and it played its part here! At this incline, it started to rain! And as we would have it, my son panicked! Now he wanted to down as fast as he wanted to climb up! I was happy that he got his share of a little adventure. We raced downwards and returned in time. Very few people were making an ascent at this time!

While we were on our little adventure, our parents and wife were trying to locate a washroom to freshen up - and they couldn’t find one! They did find one but it was locked up! The locals (a mutt) took pity on us and came to our rescue. They allowed us to use their washrooms. And they offered us some coffee! We finished, thanked them, insisted that we pay them, and began our return journey.

On way back

The light was fading fast and it was creating a melange of colors in the sky. I was driving and couldn’t take any pictures. But it was a breathtaking sight to see blues, oranges and reds mix up and light up the sky - as if bidding a goodbye to the setting sun over the mountains!

Interestingly, the clouds seemed to be stooping down to touch the small mountains (my son tells that they are hills and not mountains - and as a standard dad, I ignore him!). The mountains are lined all over the route and present a sight that you can’t forget anytime soon!


Hardly any options available - pls carry your own stuff! Though the highway is lined up many restaurants. However, for ascent and descent some energy is needed

Travel Options

Public transport was nonexistent in the internal roads. For best experience, private transport will be the best choice

  • Best Times to Visit
Non-sunny and non-rainy days

  • Route Details
Google Maps

  • Road Conditions
Most of it is highway (NH 75)

Inner roads are also well laid except for a stretch of 200 mts

  • Maps
Kolramma Kere - Google Maps

Avani Ramalingeshwara temple and hill behind - Google Maps

General Tips

  1. Considering time required for ascent and descent and travel, it will be wise to plan for 4 hours in the village

  2. Short stretch of road is very poor, and should drive carefully

  3. Carry water and food

  4. Try and avoid 2nd toll - its wastage of money

  5. Ascent is steep and difficult - should plan accordingly

  6. Do take a stopover at Kolaramma kere - it is beautiful


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Killer shots on the first post. Very nice. As morning (or afternoon in this case) shows the day, will expect a lot more coming in future.

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