Awara Model 2011 aka Life Begins with Retirement


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Prelude to Awara's drive from Patna to Pangong:

Retired September 2011, this Atal Bihari is settled in Patna. Love of dogs, photography travelling, driving, nature, especially birdwatching, reading web surfing and, of course, sleeping and eating sacrificed while working. After becoming swatantra desh ke azad nagrik Awara let loose.

2011 October, Vaishali, Kolhua, Kesaria; Maner, Sasaram, Varanasi, Sarnath. November, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam. December, Bangalore and K'gudi Hills.

2012 February, Barabar Caves, Bodh Gaya; Kavar Jheel, Purnia. March, Stented and built back better than before. May, Nalanda, Rajgir. July, Jehanabad. August, Darjiling, Kurseong; Aurangabad, Devgiri or Daulatabad, Ajanta, Ellora. October, Paudhar, Almora. December, Kolkata, Sundarbans with BNHS. December, Hyderabad, Karimnagar.

2013 January-February, Chitrakoot, Khajuraho, Orchha, Bundi, Chittorgarh, Ahmedabad, Nal Sarovar, Little Rann, Modhera, Bhuj, Greater Rann, Mandvi, Gir, Diu, Lothal, Jaisalmer, Hodhpur, Ranthambhore, Bharatpur, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Delhi and back to Patna 7000 km drive in 26 days. March, Eaglenest Sanctuary, Arunachal with BNHS. April Lachung, Zero Mile, Sikkim BNHS. May, East Champaran up to Nepal Border. May, Kolkata, Rajgir. June, Tadoba, Nagpur BNHS. September, Assam. October, Nainital; Mashobra, Shimla. December, Mumbai, Great Rann BNHS.

2014 January, Chechar, Kolkata. February, Tadoba. June, Bhallard, Mukteshwar. Feeling restless, so it's off to Ladakh now.

Fascinated by pictures of Ladakh. While searching for gen on travelling to Ladakh came across the gold mine of information aka on Ladakh and driving all over India. Kudos to those who conceived the idea and are maintaining this forum. Lapped up all travelogues and photographs. Joined this wonderful forum. Started planning the drive.

7 July 2014 - Patna to Kanpur/ Agra depending upon progress
8 - Kanpur/ Agra to Delhi
13 - Delhi to Jammu
14 - Jammu to Patnitop (last visited in 1988)
15 - Patnitop to Sonamarg
16 - Sonamarg to Kargil
17 - Kargil to Leh
18 - Relax in Leh
19 - Leh to Hunder
20 - Hunder to Leh
21 - Leh to Pangong Tso
22 - Pangong Tso to Leh
23 - Leh to Tsomoriri
24 - Tsomoriri to Jispa via Tso Kar
25 - Jispa to Manali
26 - Relax in Manali
27 - Manali to Chandigarh
28 - Chandigarh to Delhi
29 - Relax in Delhi
30 - Delhi to Mohania
31 - Mohania to Patna

Day 1, 7 July - Innova milometer reads 13,610

Left Patna at 4.10 AM alone as co-passenger backed out last minute. MMI was showing route via Phulwari Sharif and Danapur Station to Bihta but the bridge on this road just before Danapur Station is reportedly incomplete. Instead took Bailey Road to Saguna More. Almost immediately got stuck for 15 minutes on Bailey Road at 4.15 AM due to construction. Finally proceeded to Saguna More and turned left to Danapur station and then on towards Neora and Bihta. Again held up shortly after Shivala as huge truck had sunk into soft flanks and blocked the road. After waiting for some time, saw trucks turning around. Followed them via good village road to NH 30 and on to Maner and then Bihta. Had to suffer the horrible NH 30 which I had tried to avoid! Full of potholes and slush with heavy traffic of tractors hauling sand.

Proceeded from Bihta to Arrah and then via Jagdishpur to Mohania where i joined GT Road or NH2 now named Asian Highway 1. Indifferent highway past Varanasi bypass till Allahabad bypass. Very good AH1 from Allahabad bypass till Kanpur bypass. Kanpur bypass to Agra bypass good but with diversions every few kilometres due to 6-laning and flyover construction. However, diversions generally well made and smooth.

Reached Yamuna Expressway start at 7.15 PM. Things became interesting an hour later
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Awara Visiting Card 003 copy.jpg

My Visiting Card


Vaishali, world's first republic

Vaishali Stupa.png

Vaishali Stupa

Buddha's ashes.png

Site in Vaishali where Buddha's ashes were found

Varanasi dawn1.png

Varanasi dawn

Varanasi dawn2.png

Varanasi dawn2

Varanasi Ghat.png

Varanasi Ghat



First post so hope pictures are uploaded properly!
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Pre- and post-retirement cars. Still retain red M800 November 1985 model - old is gold


Maner Sharif


Koilwar Rail-cum-Road Bridge over River Sone 1.44 km completed 1862. Longest bridge in Indian subcontinent till 1900


Sher Shah ka Makbara, Sasaram. Sher Shah (1486-1545) built the Grand Trunk Road from Chittagong to Kabul! Renowned administrator, issued the first Rupiya, organised the postal system, all while fighting wars!


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Thats quite an impressing list of places you travelled in short span of time sir.
Hope some day i"ll be able to travel as frequently as you.
Best of luck, have a wonderful and safe journey.
Eagerly waiting for the update and pics in particular :p

OT :-
Atal Bihari
- is this analogy is to AB Vajpayee @ Bachelor or something else :grin::confused: - pardon my limited vocabulary.