Awesome Bonding @ Dharamkot


On 3rd July, 2015, A meeting of BCMTians was held in Hongkong restaurant. A two day ride was proposed for Saturday and Sunday. We tentatively short listed Dharamkot, Naddi and Palampur. I was given the responsibilty of all the logistics. Pushpinder ji was suppose to come to India from Kandahar in Aug, after confirming his dates ride on 22nd & 23rd Aug was fixed. After lots of discussion on Whatsapp group, Dharamkot was finalized. As the initial list was for 27 persons including children we checked out lot of properties but they did not had sufficient accomodation. The nearest we could get was 10 rooms in Hotel Shivalay at Dharamkot. So we booked the Hotel Shivalay on 18th of July and deposited advance amount and everyone was informed about it. The funniest part was that on 20th July I got a call from the owner of Shivalay hotel to confirm our visit and informing that all arrangements have been done for our visit on 22nd July. He had even shifted a foreigner to his other property who was residing in the hotel so that we do not face any inconvenience. I told him that the reservation was for 22nd August not for 22nd July and asked him to check his email. At one stage during the intervening period the total head count was going up we ( Anil ji, Rajdeep ji & myself) were bit concerned as we have only ten rooms, we decided that if needed we will shift to nearby hotel. However by 20th Aug many dropped out due to some personal problems which they could not see beforehand. The families of Dr Rupinder Bawa and Gaurav Chopra opted out because of leave problems. Malvinder Singh from Amritsar and his friend/family backed out. Sanjay Chadda from Faridabad and Vikas Shokeen and his friend who were expected earlier informed that they could not join the ride. The shock was when Daman told few days before the ride that he will not be able to join. Situation was going out of hand. So we decided that we should have only eight rooms instead of ten so asked the owner to use these two rooms if he gets the occupants otherwise we will pay.

During the long intervening period of one month we (Rajdeep, Gaurav Chopra, Anil and myself) met very often at the showroom of Parveen Dua to finalize the programme. Number of tea/coffee cups (courtesy Parveen Dua) were consumed at his show room. Parveen Dua ji agreed to the role of leader of the group and Chopra ji and I were to don the role of the sweeper. Anil ji was given the responsibility of coordinating with everyone on ride days.

A week before the ride we checked the possible weather at Dharamkot which showed heavy rains for 22nd August and 23rd August with thunder storms. Satinder ji also updated us regarding the weather. Every biker was asked to carry rain coats.
Three Rendezvous Points were finalized.

Everything was finalized for 22nd August the D day with crossed fingers. The departure time was 5.30 AM and assembly time at Sarabha Nagar Market Ludhiana was 5 AM. It was raining throughout the night. Anil Gupta ji was given the duty of making wake up calls between 3.45 AM to 4.15 AM to everyone. Surprisingly because of butterflies in stomach I was out of bed by 3:00 am and was doing this duty to double check so that none of us remain sleeping. The first message at 4. 50 AM on whatsapp was from Parveen Dua that he has left home to reach Sarabha Nagar market. In the mean time I asked Manav to Pickup my luggage from house as it was raining. I reached at 5.05 AM, Anil ji, Dua ji and Manav ji were already there in the market. On 21st, Daman confirmed that he would be joining us but requested me to keep it a secret. When Daman ji reached with his family it was the biggest pleasant shock to all. In a few minutes Chopra ji also reached there. It was still raining but we decided to move on.

Pushpinder ji, Ankur ji and Rajdeep ji joined the team at Ladowal Petrol Pump. It was still dark with heavy clouds, raining and everyone was happy and especially the riders who did not care for the rains.
Vikas ji started from Chandigarh and joined us at Hoshiarpur.
First stop after Hoshiarpur was at DeeJay hotel and resort at Dhaliara for breakfast. Here Rupinder ji joined us and the team was complete. So finally we were Fifteen adults and five children on four cars and six bikes:

DAMAN+ family (Djd009)
MANAV GILL + family (aryagill)
PUSHPINDER (pops8906)
RAJDEEP (Jacksparrow)
VIKAS Sharma + family (Vikas_unzip)