Back to Chakrata: A Monsoon Visit

Ranjeet Singh

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Beautiful images Ranjeet.
Good coverage of road condition and good camera work.
B'ful pics,nice green and cool snaps.
Ranjeet !! pics are really very well
Nice Pics...
Good going Ranjeet..
Great going Ranjeet.. I was waiting for this :)
Awesome pics Ranjeetey !!
A.W.E.S.O.M.E pics ........
and road conditions :shock:
Ranjeet, awesome!
What weather! Superbly captured! :D
Thanks to everyone for the appreciation :)

Ranjeet Singh

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Somehow, we managed to reach Chakrata at around 10AM. But all of our hopes to drench our eyes with the nature poured around this beautiful place went in vain when we found immense clouds and fog all around.
But who cares, it’s not the destination but the journey that you enjoy… and we have enjoyed it fully.

Few clicks on the way to Chakrata:











Ranjeet Singh

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Now some knowledge Sharing:

There are two main routes to Chakrata for the people like us:

1. Paonta Sahib - Vikas Nagar - Kalsi – Chakrata
2. Shimla - Khara Pathar - Tiuni - Saura – Chakrata

Via Paonta: approx 190, very good roads (except the landslides in this mansoon) and very less traffic.

Via Tiuni, it will be 300+, very bad roads due to widening road crators, potholes, mud, slush etc…

Chakrata-Tiuni is 80 kms, Kachha rasta but very very scenic
Had visited before in this January: visit :mrgreen:

A place named Devban is there a few hundreds feet above Chakrata approx 15 kms away, It receives Good snow fall in Winter. It snows in Chakrata also but views from Devban is awesome. One can have almost 180 degree view of snow capped Himalayas.

I think this much info is suficient
baaki ja ke dekh lena ;)