Backup strategies for photographers

Yogesh Sarkar

If you have had good experienced with Seagate, then go for it. My experience with Seagate for past few years has been pretty bad, so I am using WD drives almost exclusively now.

Yogesh Sarkar

Difference is mainly in software it comes with and I guess build quality. If you need simple backup solution and don't need encryption, there is absolutely no issue in just option for a basic passport drive.



Active and recent pics on me personal cloud.... archive the older ones to external HD.... take the important pics backup in nikon imagespace.


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Ashish - Do you get a special Dropbox account when you buy the external hdd? What is the Cloud storage size?
Absolutely no idea about it. I ordered in from paytm(1500/- discount). Might be getting it when i register with WD

Yogesh Sarkar

Based on @Ankur003 advice, I have started using WD SmartWare software to automatically backup data from my internal drive to external 4TB WD My Book. This software will only update files which have been added or modified, ensuring that in case of data corruption, I don’t accidently overwrite good files with bad ones during manual backup. Plus the software stores data in native format, so I don’t have rely on it for restoration.

I am also running an internal backup every evening from primary data drive to internal backup drive with built in backup software of Windows 7 and after every shoot, I manually backup data on couple of other drives I have for further safety.

Is this the plan we all were waiting for?

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