Backup strategies for photographers


Leh calling!!!!!
While travelling:

  1. Used & new SD cards are separate. once one is full, it is never erased until I reach home back.
  2. End of every day, SD cards are inserted into WD Passport Wireless 1TB Drives SD Slot, which is auto set to cope every SD into its own dated folder. YYYYMMDD - SD Label
  3. If same card is inserted tomorrow again in WD Western Digital, it will copy only the new/updated Data.
  4. Used SD cards are always away from Camera Bag, usually with heavy luggage.
At Home:
  1. SD Cards are copied to HD01 in YYYY folder, YYYYMMDD Event Name folder.
  2. This HD01 is mirrored to two HDs, HD02 & HD03. One of these is off site.
  3. Now SD Cards are returned to ready-to-use group. Will be formatted as soon as inserted in Camera in future.
  4. HD01 is main working Hard disc. Any photo edited will be saved as copy suffix.
  5. 1st of every month, this above step 02 is repeated.
  6. All photos also go to Google Photos highest possible free quality.
  7. Edited photos go to Flickr too in original.