Bajaj Dominar 400 ABS ownership thread.


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Warning :- lamest ever review below.
Hello friends as most of you guys knows that i booked my D400 in last December and i got the delivery on 13th Jan 2017 which coincidentally is the auspicious day of Lohri.
I got the dispatch message from bajaj on 2nd Jan 2017 and read the news of deliveries being started on the 10th of this month , so called the dealership to inquire about the same. I was told to do the formality by 12th Jan and that my bike would arrive in the 3rd batch( 24 in each Batch) and a approx date of 20th Jan.
So i went to the dealership on 11th done the full paymemt by imps and some part by trading my old bike.

My biking history:- started in 1998 Bajaj super> Suzuki fiero> Yamaha enticer> Re bullet electra ci 4gear> Pulsar 200> Honda activa2008 still have this one> Re bullet Machismo350> Bajaj avenger220> now D400 here to dominate.

Boring stuff na . Lets start.
Otr I paid is 168250 with zero dep .
Price breakup:-
Ex showroom- 133335.11/_
Vat 12.5%- 16666.89/_
Total - 150002.00/_
Zerodep insurance- 4360/_ (united india)
Road tax- 12301.00/_
Smart card- 200.00/_
Std. Accessories- 1096/_
Hsrp- 69/_
Pdc charges. 495/_
Total- 168523/_
Technical stuff first.(stats copied from team bhp)
  • Engine - 373.3 cc liquid cool, Triple spark, 4 Valve, DTS-i
  • Power - 35PS @ 8000rpm
  • Torque - 35Nm
  • Transmission - 6 Speed
  • Slipper Clutch
  • Length - 2156 mm
  • Width - 813 mm
  • Height - 1112 mm
  • Wheelbase - 1453 mm
  • Ground clearance - 157 mm
  • Kerb Weight - 182 kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 13 Litres
Chassis & Suspension:
  • Frame - Beam type perimeter frame
  • Front Suspension - Telescopic 43mm forks
  • Rear Suspension - Multi step adjustable mono shock
Tyre & Brakes:
  • Tyre Size (Front) - 110/70 R17 Radial
  • Tyre Size (Rear) - 150/60 R17 Radial
  • Brakes - 320 mm (Front), 230 mm (Rear)
  • Dual Channel ABS
  • Braking Performance - 100-0 kmph in 46.19 metre
  • Operating Altitude - Up to 18,380 feet
  • 0-100 kmph - 8.32 seconds
  • Top Speed - 148 kmph
Now comes the riding part i have only done around 30kms on odo been busy with lot of things.
I took the delivery from bagga link karolbagh delhi so any one from delhi should know how busy is kb and other linked roads.
Just filled the tank with Rs500 worth of fuel as the pump was not taking card and paytm and i was short of cash. Return journey from showroom to my place is from streets filled with very heavy traffic.
Overall ride is pretty awesome and bike attracted many glances and questions including kitne ka and kitna deti hai:grin:.

The first gear is clunky may need some clutch adjustment. Rest 5 gears are smooth . The bike idles with lil vibes and has a sweet exhaust note .
Through my ride i waded heavy traffic and pushed the bike in any possible gap which is available and contrary to the heavy weight of 182 kg the bikes feels weightless while on the move . I do not have to put my feet down even on the crawling speeds . And to all the short riders i am bearly 5.4ft and 62kgs so yes short guys can ride it easily. I find it more easy to maneuver than Avenger220 which is light. The bike is so much confidence inspiring, very nimble and very well balanced credit goes to the impressive chassis and frame.
Acceleration is very good it gathers speed very quickly and u can use 4th gear post 35kmph and fifth can be used around 50kmph, sixth 70kmph.
I was able to use 6th gear on my way back home and a glance at speedo showed 76kmph.
Breaking was spot on ABS was not needed due to super grippy mrf.
The sound changes its tune post 4.5k rpm. Night illumination is very good just the beam is lil short on width.
I found the key slot a lil hard to get use to at first but it would became ok with time the gap between handle bar and key slot is less.

Riding with pillion is also very comfortable and pillion was happy too . Riding position is fairly upright with lil lean and lil rearset footpegs.

Now some points.

Engine:- This is clearly the best by bajaj or any other Indian maker. It has very good power and torque numbers and same can be felt while on the move. It is just so effortless and easy on the rider. Refinement is good but not as good as a Jap engine some metallic sound can be felt. And this being a SOHC triple spark would definitely be more economical to run than the big Duke.

Vibrations :- very negligible i didnt felt any ( i grew up riding bullet) , some vibes are there at idle and some post 4.5k rpm.

Heat:- Engine heat is there but nothing reached my legs even in stop go traffic. Just smelled like something burning . Will get it checked.

Clutch:- very light and both upshift and down are smooth . Slipper clutch playing its part well.

Breaks:- very good and spot on but stoping distance could be better. Abs is very good and can not be switched off.(no stoppies).

Tyres:- very grippy and confidance inspiring. Wet grip is good too and are rated for speed of 180kmph.

Suspension:- it is bit on the harder side to aid the superb handling and agility of the bike . Not as hard as the Duke 390 but one needs to be careful for first few times over the rough patches of road. Will get it adjusted if needed. Rear one is five step adjustable.
Gear shift:- first gear is clunky and shifts with sound may need some clutch adjustment. Other five gears are smooth.
Today i shifted to sixth at 65kmph without any protest from engine.

City riding:- unlike duke 390 this baby can be used comfortably in city traffic as gear ratio is perfect for city and highway sixth one is overdrive. One can easily use 4th and 5th inside city limits and 6th is also possible.

Engine breaking :- it is very good but not like d390 and it can be felt in 2nd and 3rd gear but it doesn't unsettle the new rider like the big duke with its on off throttel kickback feel.

Fueling:- smooth and crisp. No shudder or a skipped beat.

Riding posture and seat height :- riding position is very upright and comfy new riders coming from cruisers and commuter would not feel discomfort lil pressure can be felt at wrist( may be due to i am use to riding avenger). Seat height is 800mm and would suit both tall and short.

Weight :- it is a myth and exist only on paper and while trying to lift it.

Built quality:- Built quality is pretty good by far the best on any bajaj bike till date. Paint quality and finish is also very good with bajaj claiming special triple layer anti chip paint from the same company used by jaguar. Seen very negligible panel gap of few bike around tank scoops not on mine . The dealer end cleanliness is needed my bike was full of dust and water mark.

I would keep updating this as new riding gear is due . I already got the number and would get the plates and final bill in couple of days so more riding after that.
Pics time.

Dominar 400 Owner Manual

Click here to download Dominar 400 Owner Manual (20mb PDF)
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Added new points at 5.20am 16/1/2017.

Guys suggestions are welcome regarding how to fit a dikki. And which type of helmet lock to use currently using wire lock.
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IJS bhai....super congratulations. Looking forward for ownership review. I too getting attracted towards d400. Arranging budgets.
Hv u sold ur avenger?
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Congrts, bike looks awesome and nice color choice .
I see Lots of parts is exactly same as 200NS :D but finishing is top notch ..=D>=D>

Things i dont like in D400
-NO switch to ON/OFF for ABS
-Tank capacity is not good as touring machine (at least 15ltr honi chahiye thi)
-The clutch case cover panel which is in brown color looks cheap, it same as 200NS.
-Rear Disk same as 200NS 230mm

@IJS share manual pics for oil grade , plugs, service etc
what is the FE?


The Ghost Who Walks
Congrts, bike looks awesome and nice color choice .
I see Lots of parts is exactly same as 200NS :D but finishing is top notch ..=D>=D>

Things i dont like in D400
-NO switch to ON/OFF for ABS
-Tank capacity is not good as touring machine (at least 15ltr honi chahiye thi)
-The clutch case cover panel which is in brown color looks cheap, it same as 200NS.
-Rear Disk same as 200NS 230mm

@IJS share manual pics for oil grade , plugs, service etc
what is the FE?
Thanks bhai . And nobody has got the manual as yet , manuals are yet to arrive at dealership so will surely update about the oil grade etc. After getting the manual.
Claimed fe is 30-35kmpl in real world conditions , i am expecting 25+kmpl . First service is around 500 to 750 kms that is all i know . But i read somewhere about serive gap to be 10000kms. Will check once i get the manual.

Today i got 105kmph on speedo while crusing in sixth gear at around 5k plus rpm . And it was unintended speed i just rolled back the throttle afterbglancing the reading.
And i am currently adjusting with the toe only shifter , gear indicator is realy appreciateated. Will get the clutch adjusted for the clunky first gear.