Bandhavgarh on the run...

So finally we slow down and save ourselves of the abrupt brakes of the gypsy to follow pug marks.
As Kanha has been kind to us so far, we were just not on the look out for Tigers.
The jungles are beautiful and the crisp chill in the air made it an even better experiance. Drove for some time, followed huge number of pug marks but the great cat eluded us. Our guide was not of much help he lacked the energy to point out any other species other that the spotted dear and the sambha deer.
Ofcourse the Sambha deer looks so majestic and gentle at the same time, they hv a way to look back .
We saw a few langoors , peacocks,deers and barely any bird life other that the jungle babbler in plenty.
By now the sun was out and so was my son emerging out of the warmth of the shawl and getting more involved in spotting wildlife. and that he is quite good at.
We were informed that these jungles had no bisons that came as a shock to us. It was actually sad that a particular species in all migrates or dissappears. Signs of the changing ecosystems .....
Good news is that a couple of bisons have been again reintrodused to these jungles.
By now were loosing hope of not seeing anything and hence took a tea stop.
The tea and pakoras brought in new hope and there we were back again on the lookout for wild life.....
But hopes again failed, but need to mention that we were still enjoying the feel of the forest.
It was time to get back to the resort so we rallied back to our was just not our day so far


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We had a quick bite and all of us were back in the gypsy looking forward to see the Bandhavgarh fort. I stacked up a few eats for my son and water and of we went.
This jungle is so full of various terrains , the incline is almost scary i thought until i experienced the same as a decline on my way back. Its an adventure all by itself. Visiting the fort is a must when in this national park.
While we were merrily taking in the beauty of the jungle and its rough pathways right in nowhere the gypsy stalled........