Bangalore to Bareilly Road trip


Planning to drive from Bangalore to Bareilly (UP) in Oct 20.. We are family of 4 and a dog. Dog is the reason of driving down this distance.
Have read lots of posts that Bangalore to Nagpur is doable in one day. Planning as below

Start early from Bangalore, reach Nagpur by late evening.
Next day Nagpur to Gwalior and third day Gwalior to Bareilly
Bangalore - Hyderabad - Nagpur
Nagpur - Seoni - Narsinghpur - Sagar - Lalitpur - Jhansi - Gwalior
Gwalior - Agra - Hathrus - Budaun - Bareilly

If anyone can give inputs on following

- Read a lot about bad road conditions around Hinganghat - Is it still the same
- Nagpur - Seoni - Narsinghpur is better or Nagpur - Chhindwara - Narsinghpur

Road conditions from Nagpur to Agra on above route.. I don't have many expectations with Agra to Bareilly.

Pet friendly stay options before or after Nagpur and Gwalior
Food options on route..


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I came on my bike from Bangalore to Allahabad three years back.

Yes, Bangalore to Nagpur is definitely doable in a car, in a day.

Better if there is more than one driver.


This is how I am planning it..


Stay Options
Nagpur - JK Rooms 146 Check Inn Service Apartment
Gwalior -

Still need to find stay options for return at Narsinghpur and Hyd (after ORR exit towards Bangalore)


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Bangalore to Nagpur, Over 1000k. For me it’s a little tough one and pushing it. I really can’t do it since I don’t drive after dark. It’s over 18-19 hours for that distance which I have done once. Udaipur to Chandigarh and I did feel a bit stretched. I also once did Pune to Bangalore but it was quite nice.
My rule of thumb is about an average of 55kmph for the distance including all food and photo stops. Door to door.
But many people I know have done the 19 hour drives.


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Easily doable with an early morning start. Road conditions all good except a brief diversion from Khawasa till Seoni. No idea about pet friendly hotels but a lot of options to stay enroute.


Easily doable with an early morning start. Road conditions all good except a brief diversion from Khawasa till Seoni. No idea about pet friendly hotels but a lot of options to stay enroute.
I read on one of the forum that Nagpur - Seoni road is closed till Nov.. Can someone confirm..


So we started the trip. Our longest one till date..
Started yesterday from Bangalore at 4:45 AM and finished at Nagpur around 6:30PM. Roads all the way are awesome except some patched from Hinganghat to Nagpur.. Two over bridge one at Hinganghat and one 20KM before Nagpur wasted 30 min.. Few patches of potholes started from Hinganghat but manageable.

Today we have reached Gwalior. Staying at Shubhim Highway Treat just after Gwalior bypass.. Nice rooms..
Started bit late from Nagpur at 8:30AM against planned 8AM.. Wasted some time as lost way within Nagpur then again lost some time to find place for breakfast, did not get anything.. Decided to find something on way towards Seoni..
Right after Nagpur, as soon aa the highway starts, MP police stopped us and asked for permit to carry dog with me :). then asked original papers.. When pushed back that there is no permit needed for domestic pet and now originals need not to be carried, they walked off.
Picked up Poha, Samosa and Kachori from a road side staff just before Pench. Tasted awesome.
At Nagpur we checked with a driver on road status at Seoni and said it is closed by by the power of Gandhi ji they will let us do otherwise we have to take 60KM extra on single lane road with trucks which will add anther couple of hours. Followed is instructions, Ghandi ji is universal truth and works everywhere .
Roads are great till Lalitpur, after that lots of patch work. Gwalior bypass is worse. Was able to maintain cruise at 140 till Lalitpur post that 120..
Lots of cows on road and local traffic (bikes with triple riders). Have to be bit careful.

Tomorrow Gwalior to Home at Bareilly. Should ne 5 - 6 hours..
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