Bangalore to Bareilly Road trip


Bangalore to Nagpur, Over 1000k. For me it’s a little tough one and pushing it. I really can’t do it since I don’t drive after dark. It’s over 18-19 hours for that distance which I have done once. Udaipur to Chandigarh and I did feel a bit stretched. I also once did Pune to Bangalore but it was quite nice.
My rule of thumb is about an average of 55kmph for the distance including all food and photo stops. Door to door.
But many people I know have done the 19 hour drives.
Started 4:45AM and reached 6:30PM.. Maintained cruise of 140 almost all the way.. Super awesome roads.. Felt like driving in US..


Started around 8:30AM from Gwalior and reached home at Bareilly at 2:30PM.. Did not go via Hathrus as planned, instead took Etah route. Roads were mix bag. Some section were 4 lane, some were single.. Traffic was typical of UP, had hard time negotiating overtake.. Happy that reached by 2:30 against Google prediction of 4:30PM.

3 days, Bangalore to Bareilly, 2150KM. Good to be home..


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Nice to know that you made safely as planned
Which car you drove?
140 kmph maintaining is good speed, well now a days I do not like to maintain that speed.

Have a safe trip back to Bangalore. I liked your time planning. By the chance have you recorded the actual timings? If yes, I would like to see the planned Vs Actual.

You were really lucky, a delay of 4 days you would have got stuck in thundershowers. Telangana experienced heavy showers and at some places you would have temporary blockades.
I am not sure on return, when are you planning to travel; keep in mind probable change in Road conditions.