Bangalore to Delhi - Road

Any one knows a contact for long stay in Manali (3/4 months + 4/5 * property / room) ?
Hotel greenfields, log Hut road.
get in touch with manager.

Name:Hotel GreenFields Ramesh Sharma Manali
Mobile:+91 98160 27046
Mobile:+91 70188 48243

Ramesh Sharma is the manager. Hotel belongs to my batchmate, is reasonable.
On trips advisor, it is one of the top ranking hotels of manali.
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what is the latest update on the road conditions from Hyderabad to Delhi. will doing the route on my TB500 next week or so. experts.
Hyderabad to Delhi :
Blue one is via Nagpur >> Sagar >> Jhansi >> Gwalior >> Agra >> Delhi

Avoid night driving in MP.

Only reason for that is cows sits on the highway at night.
Which is dangerous.
Calf can cross divider any time and come in front of anyone on road.
With Halogen lights and led bar installed on a vehicle can increase visibilty to 500 mtrs.
But with normal light you will bump into them.

Fuel pumps
on the route at night is difficult to find.

Grey one is via Nagpur >> Bhopal >> Jhansi >> Gwalior >> Agra >> Delhi

This route is also good.

To avoid stray animals, keep speed in limit in daytime and at night also.,+Hyderabad,+Telangana/Delhi/@22.996099,73.0077536,6z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x3bcb93a276decedf:0x2c12e79e6f9344e2!2m2!1d78.3489168!2d17.4400802!1m5!1m1!1s0x390d047309fff32f:0xfc5606ed1b5d46c3!2m2!1d77.2217831!2d28.6862738!3e0


You may need this type of light to avoid any incidents :

@kmreddy Do post your experience once you are done on this route. I am looking to take the same route towards end of Sep.
Roads are good.
Night driving in MP is not advisable.
Only MP patch has pot holes.
At MP border they may ask tell them you are full vaccinated they will let you pass.

Check current rules of Corona statewise when leaving for Delhi / North India.


Really thankful for valuable info. Now considering the very severe monsoon rains in the MP, North Telangana it almost looks cancel. Cannot say how the conditions be few days/weeks down.