Bangalore to Jamshedpur via NH5 in Dec


Fellow BCMtians,

I plan to travel from Bangalore to Jamshedpur via Tirupati, Naidupet, Vijayawada, Vizag, Bhubaneswar, Bisoi, Rairangpur, Jamshedpur in late Dec this year. Due to the AP bifurcation issue do you see any challenge anywhere while crossing Andhra Pradesh. Do you suggest any alternative route say via NH6? Thanks for any suggestions.
If you want to stick to the NH system you have no option but to take the NH33 from Baharagora to Jamshedpur. This 90km stretch is pretty much the only bad road that you will encounter the whole distance, other than a few sections of the NH5 between Berhampur and Balugaon. Thus though yo can reach the junction of NH6 and NH33 by going via Kharagpur, there is completely no point in it. The NH5 between Kharagpur and Jamsola Checkpost is in superb condition, except for the Baripada bypass. Dont even think about the other route.


Thank Ajinkyatraveller. Do you recommend taking Baripada->Bisoi->Rairangpur->Hata->Jamshedpur road to avoid NH33. I heard NH33 is in pretty bad shape. I am planning to start on Sun, hence a could reply would help a lot.


For the benefit of those planning to travel towards Jamshedpur/Calcutta. I completed my trip from Bangalore to Jamshedpur. The route taken was Bangalore->Chittoor->Tirupati->Naidupet->Nellore->Vijayawada->Rajahmundry->Vizag->Ichhapur->Bhubaneswar->Balasore->Baripada->Bisoi->Rairangpur->Hata->Jamshedpur. Everyone suggested to avoid Behragoda route via NH33 and I avoided that. The road from Baripada to Jamshedpur is not bad except for a few small detours and construction. If anyone needs more information, I can help.
One patch where construction is on between Baripada and Bisoi

Point where Baripada road to Bisoi meets NH6. One need to travel about 16 km on NH6
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any latest updates on this route?
I'm traveling from vizag to durgapur, the usual route is via kharagpur on NH-60, but if this NH5 is now better id like to try it out .
I'm thinking of this route:
baisinga > baripada > baharagora >raipur > bankura > durgapur (hitting the highway only)


I did this route on 8th - 10th Oct
Day 1 : Bangalore to Vizag
a. Instead of Tirupati bypass, I took the Puttur - Renigunta road which is very decent. I would advise anyone travelling to take this route, there are some speed breakers once you enter Chittoor town, towards Gangadhar Nellore, however that is for initial 5-7 kms. Rest stretch is a smooth ride.

b. Naidupeta to Vijayawada is a breeze, best part of the stretch

c. Vijaywada to Rajahmundry stretch is not up to the mark however it is doable. Can maintain 50-60 kms/h however be cautious of the potholes.

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Day 2 : Vizag to Bhubaneswar
Overall it was okay, however there are lots of diversions in the whole stretch, particularly around Srikakulam. I started from Vizag at 9:30AM and reached Bhubaneswar around 7PM

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Day 3 : Bhubaneswar to Jamshedpur (via Balasore - Baripada - Beharagoda)
I had some hesitation about the road after diverting from Balasore towards Baripada however it is a very scenic drive. Some diversions but they are manageable.
Beharagoda stretch to Jamshedpur is a pleasure to drive, smooth and empty roads.

Reach out to me, if you someone needs any more info. Happy to help.