Bangalore to Spiti - Road Expedition (Photo-log)


After our road trip from Bangalore to Ladakh in 2013 (Ladakh Tlog click here ), this time we embarked on expedition to Spiti in 2nd week of June 2019. Also for the record, its the same Skoda Yeti used in this trip too. Another home/himalayan run for my Yeti!:)

Our 14 days journey was fully packed with drive... drive.. drive, did not involve any rest days, it was intended to be like that since we had exactly 14 days in our hand. Idea was to do drive 14-15 hours each day till Chandigarh, and thereafter relaxed drive in the hills.

Day wise Itinerary:

Day 1 Bangalore - Pune
Day 2 Pune - Mumbai - Ahmedabad
Day 3 Ahmedabad - Mehsana - Palanpur - Pali - Kishangarh - Jaipur - Delhi
Day 4 Delhi - Shimla - Kufri
Day 5 Kufri - Sangla - Batseri
Day 6 Batseri - Chitkul - Sangla - Kalpa
Day 7 Kalpa - Kaza
Day 8 Kaza - Langza - Hikkim - Komic - Dhankar - Kaza
Day 9 Kaza - Ki - Kibber - Kaza
Day 10 Kaza - Tabo - Kalpa
Day 11 Kalpa - Delhi
Day 12 Delhi - Agra - Gwalior - Sagar (MP)
Day 13 Sagar - Nagpur - Hyderabad
Day 14 Hyderabad - Bangalore

Road conditions -

Bangalore to Delhi :
Upward journey to Delhi was through Mumbai and Ahmedabad, although this route was excellent in terms of well maintained roads, accommodations e.t.c; the only major setback is heavy vehicular movement which slow you down. On the return journey we came through MP, where traffic was non-existent except getting around Agra and couple of small towns, overall good drive all the back home.

Kalpa - Kaza
Road widening work is happening at 3 to 4 junctures near by Spello (at the time of writing) and if you are travelling from Kalpa or Kaza side, if you could cross these blasting sites before 11.30 am you would potentially save 5+ hours in travel time. Otherwise 90% of roads are in good condition and pleasure to drive through these mountains.


Pictures from route: Shimla - Sangla - Chitkul - Kalpa

Sunset captured from Shimla town!

Next day morning, we left Kufri to Sangla valley, this is our first stop @Matha temple

This one could not be missed to stop ;)

Start trails as captured from Sangla Valley (Batseri), we rested here for a night, before going to Chitkul and there on to Kalpa.

Between Sangla - Chitkul

A restaurant with views all around :)

streams... streams.. lot of streams you find on Chitkul road.

beautiful valleys, every turn in this hills unfolds a new story

Longer exposure shot of a stream on Chitkul road

Another long exposure shot of another stream (I guess this one is just after check post on Chitkul road)

Valleys.. Valleys.. mesmerising they are, and some lovely weather on Chitkul road

even milestones are so captivating :)

More beautiful mountains as we near Chitkul, this one almost like a drawing, as though nature as drawn it with extra detail.. just splendid!


Finally we reach chitkul

Final shot from Chitkul end point, weather was turning bad at this point of time, and we headed to Kalpa straight from here

More to come.....
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Pictures from route: Kalpa - Kaza

We halted at Kalpa for a single night before proceeding to Kaza. It was an overcast day, and the mountain views were marred by the clouds, below is the early morning shot from hotel room, our day started little gloomy but as we progressed towards pooh, blue skies breaked out and it boosted our morale a lot. Thanks to rock blasting (road widening project) we were delayed by whole 3 hours reaching Pooh!

Road criss-crossing through mighty mountains, remarkable!

It was late afternoon, and we did not even manage to reach Nako. Our regular photo-breaks kept us engaged almost every turn by turn :)

As much I heard and seen Nako Lake on internet, it did not appeal me at all!! Probably I had more expectations from it, but frankly it didn't click me :)
It was late evening around 6pm when this was captured, and believe me we still have to make it Kaza, the point of driving in the night in this hills was not on our cards, but had no choice as our accommodation was in Kaza. Three hours of delay because of being blocked at rock blasting sites was not expected :(

Thank fully its summer time, and the sun light in the hills was extended till 7.30pm and beyond, and so we did a non-stop drive between Nako and Kaza stretch. We reached Kaza at ungodly hours (10pm), dissappointed to the fact that could not enjoy the drive, as it was getting late night and especially these twisting turning on the edge roads :(

However this picture of Kaza mountains next morning brought us all cheers! Seems like Kaza was brewing something for us! :)
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