Bangalore to Zuluk - Motorbike Ride

Dear All,

Me and my friend planning a Bike trip to Zuluk from Bangalore by 2nd week of June 2016.

Therefore I would like to hear from experienced people out here,we will ride with our bikes (RE Classic 500cc) from Bangalore.

Please help us to know following,
  1. An itinerary for Zuluk (~10 days)
  2. Places of interest around Zuluk?
  3. Do we need get permits? Any procedure required ?
  4. What would be the probable weather condition by 2nd week of June?
  5. Is it safe to ride Zuluk in June? (I read news about Earthquake)
  6. Which routes to follow ?
  7. Cheap stay
  8. Bike Transport options from Zuluk or around to Bangalore
Kindly suggest !

Many thanks