Bank & Account recommendations?


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Recently I realized that my ABN Amro charges Rs 200 per annum as Debit card fee even on an salary account, I think Debit cards etc are free on salary accounts ...

And then yesterday when I logged on on their Net Banking ... I saw the notice that June onwards they will start charging Rs 25 per month for SMS alerts which are free on all other banks ...

So in all they will be charging me Rs 500 per annum for a not so great service ...

My advise will be to avoid ABN

Yogesh Sarkar

Had used HDFC for a few years and have recently switched to SBI, even though SBI has more ATMs etc, HDFC's customer service is light years ahead.


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For day to day banking use HDFC.

Use sBI for fixed deposits coz they would be the last bank in India to go kaput.

Biggest chor is ICICI bank
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If you manage a certain minimum balance per month ICICI does not charge you any money for withdrawing cash from other bank's ATMs.