Bars Bars Bars And Liquor Shops Everywhere :(


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Good quality bhang can be arranged in ghaziabad every Holi in form of thandai.
Google for TBBT. (The Big Bhang Theory)

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Let's not deviate from the main topic of discussion, i.e. Liquor Shops everywhere!

It's now very common in entire Delhi with liqour/wine shops opening in every nook and corner. Not to mention it generates a whole lot of revenue for state governments. So win-win situation for government and alcoholics (*satire). Personally, I don't have any problems with it unless there is enough police patrolling to check on drunkards (who will always create nuisance)!


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Well, I drink. And sometimes, like a fish..

Still, I dont like the shops which open in residential areas because the people who come to buy liquor, they park their car and they start drinking there too.

It creates a nuinsance... Liquor shops should be opened, because it does revenue for the state governments.
However, people should be able to handle their drinks responsibly and take care that they dont create nuinance for others.
Its like my neighbour, who is a retired Major General, says, " In the army, we drink, but we never get drunk."
Alcohol shops are not the problem, neither is alocohol. People have brains and they should use it to decide whether to drink or not.
However, I just have one problem, the opening of shops in residential areas. It is just wrong. Shops should be opened in complexes , not besides a person's home or near a chauraha (intersection).

Is alcohol tempting to people who drink, yes. But to drink or to not drink, is upon us.