BCMT Meet - Delhi on Sunday,18th July, 2021


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The first BCMT Delhi get together in almost 2 years. Hope to see some more of you in the next one and thanks to everyone who showed up today.

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May I request to "tag" the attendees so that we can know them (if attendees have no issue in getting "tagged") ? :p :D
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Agenda is Work From Home !

How to shift and live in Hills ??


@Sparsh & G T (Yellow T Shirt)

@ Vishal : I got Honda 350 for Hills specially and want to be in hills.
Prashant : I already have many bikes but can't shift now in hills.

What ?

Sun is also Out.
When it will rain as prediction was of heavy rain on Sunday....

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What happened to our Agenda ?
Any Discussion ??


Let's Go.
It may rain soon and can spoil the plans...


All gone....
Now, no one is here.
Landscape Shot :


Wait !
Vertical Shot:


@adsatinder wait.
Where is the detail of meet ?

Sorry, I have to go home otherwise rain may wash away all the plans, chats, agenda etc.
If you want to know all about these things.
Attend meet whenever possible next time.
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