BCMT member/user memorial honoring Yogesh Sarkar’s life


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Please use this thread for offering your thoughts and to celebrate Yogesh’s life.Mods it would be nice if you can pin/sticky it.

Finally was able to wrap my head around the news of yogesh passing away.

Life is a journey and Yogesh truly lived it.
I am an old bcmtian and have plenty of good memories interacting with Yogesh.He was my inspiration.Though I keep busy these days BCMT family has always played a big role in my life and adventures.

I would always remember Yogesh and be thankful to him for his inspiration.

Cheers bro and wish u an adventurous afterlife,
Amit Patil/darth_lucifer
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Mansi mishra

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Dear Yogesh,

This poem is dedicated to all those wonderful time and trips, we have spent together. It's needless to say that you'll always be missed between us.

तू फिर मिलने आएगा..

आज मेरे रस्ते अलग हुए हैं तुझसे,
पर यकीन है कल तू फिर मिलने आएगा
इन बड़े शहरों के शोरों से दूर , ए दोस्त
दूर उस पहाड़ी के पीछे ‌‌‍।

मुझको पता है तू फिर वही मिलेगा,
उसी झील के पास टहलता हुआ।
भीड़ से कहीं दूर अकेले में
सुकून ढूंढता हुआ।

बातें करेगा तू आती जाती लहरों से,
हवाओं से चुटकी लेगा।
रेत पर छोड़ अपने पैरों के निशान,
छोटे पत्थरों के थायौर(stone hedge) बनाएगा।

धूप से बोलेगा तू जा अब, आने दे मेरी शाम को।
इंतजार में मैं हूं उसके,रंगों में खो जाने को।

तेरे शाम से इस प्यार को देख, सूरज जलता हुआ ढल जाएगा।
जानता है तू, नाराज है वह तुझसे,
पर तेरे खुमार को देख ,कल फिर लौट आएगा।

जब थक जाएगा चलते हुए तो,
निकाल लेगा कैमरा अपना और शुरू करेगा फोटो लेना।
जिससे कोई भाप ना पाए तेरी थकावट को,
चालू है तू बहुत , मैं जानती हूं, तेरे बहाने है वो।

मुस्कुराती शाम जब अपने रंगों के साथ इतराएगी,
जानती हूं, तू फिर flirt करेगा उससे और भूल जाएगा अपने आसपास को।
थामना चाहेगा तू उस सामा को फिर,
और practically मुझको "Blue Hour" का concept समझाएगा।

जानकर फिर नहीं सुनूंगी मैं तेरी बात,
क्योंकि कल भी तो मुझे यही सिखाएगा।
समझेगा तू मेरी सब शैतानियां,
फिर एक हंसी में सब उड़ा जाएगा।

बैठा रहेगा तू घंटों तक तू,
और ताकता रहेगा उन झिलमिल सितारों को।
पूछेगा उनसे, कहां है तेरा साथी- चांद
और बातों को आगे यूं ही बढ़ाएगा।

वही पहाड़ी के पीछे जब एक तेज किरण तुझको दिखेगी,
लगा लेगा तू अपना tripod और shutter स्पीड को सेट करेगा।
फिर किसी पत्थर से टिक तू अपनी आंखें बंद कर ,
मन ही मन मुस्काएगा।

यूं ही फिर घूमती हुई जब गलती से मैं, तेरे कैमरे के आगे आ जाऊंगी।
खराब कर दिया तुमने शॉट मेरा, ये तू झल्लाएगा।
सॉरी सॉरी बोलूंगी मैं तुझसे,
तु मुझको माफ कर , हंस फिर काम पर लग जाएगा।

रात यूं ही गुजरती रहेगी, हवा सर्द हो जाएगी।
कैप और जैकेट पहनेगा तू और मुझको भी वो थमाएगा।
बातें नहीं होंगी हम दोनों में पर, सब कुछ तू कह जाएगा।
समझ गई मैं तुझको, मेरे चेहरे पर वह भाव आएगा।

वही पीठ पीछे हमारे, अंगड़ाई लेता सूरज आएगा।
तू फिर थोड़ा निराश होगा शायद,
पर बाकी लोगों से अलग,
तू उसकी opposite पहाड़ी पर नजर लगाएगा।

रात से time-laps चल रहा होगा तेरा,
दूसरे कैमरे से तू सुबह को जगाएगा।
सूरज फिर चाहेगा तो उसको प्यार करें,
पर ना.. तू अपना सामान ले , good-bye बोल , रोज की तरह फिर चला जाएगा।

आज मेरे रस्ते अलग हुए हैं तुझसे,
पर यकीन है तू फिर कल मिलने आएगा..



Dear Yogesh,
This poem is dedicated to all those wonderful time and trips, we have spent together. It's needless to say that you'll always be missed between us.
That's a beautiful poem. Written from the heart and captures the essence of the man beautifully. I did not have the privilege of knowing Yogesh, but thank you , Mansi, for introducing me to him so eloquently.

Big Daddy

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I struggled whether I should write this or not because what can you write about a person you never met or whose voice that you never heard or recognize? It is easy to pass the opportunity to say anything, but that would also be passing on a unique relationship that I and Yogesh had.

We were two people who could not be more different (if you ask Yogesh) because he once wrote that Big Daddy has his opinions and I have mine and neither will change. On every issue ranging from education, living life, investments, health, belief in god, etc., we stood apart. He was a person who did not care for his privacy and wrote all his experiences. He loved to travel. I am exactly the opposite.

However, those differences also meant that we would engage in discussions related to a wide range of topics. We engaged in discussions in Bodybuilding thread, Investment thread, Politics, Religion, even Leh travel kits and many other topics such as future of electric vehicles, Flipkart, Kingfisher Airlines, Bitcoins, etc., rarely agreeing on anything. On rare events (Bitcoin bubble, Alabama Grandpa), we agreed and our conclusions were nothing less than finding the “Universal Truth.”

On the surface these were disagreements, in reality, those were divine moments for me. I never wrote the things that I never believed in or never tried to change anyone’s opinion. My writings were very sincere and my discussions were never about winning an argument or convincing a person. The benefit of this was that I do not have any guilt. If he were alive, our differences would have continued. I never got upset with his views though because our views are shaped by our experiences and they will be unique.

Something changed around 2015. Yogesh was never the same person. He would rarely engage in discussions passionately. He was distant as if he lost interest in everything or maybe he decided to focus more on his business of building content. We rarely had any discussion unless some poster reported me to him and he would advise the poster about my “craziness” while giving me admonition regarding changing my ways.

My survival on this board makes me believe that we were actually more same than Yogesh would care to admit. There is something about American sprit where you learn to hear the unheard, read the unwritten and see the unseen. At that level, both of us had respect for each other and recognized the value of each other. At that level, he showed morality and strength of character to suppress his anger and emotions for the diversity of opinions. However, at that level, I also started to see weakness in him. I often felt that he started pushing his content creating career harder. I think a specialized board draws more money and special content draws more advertising revenues (as opposed to everything goes board). Maybe he was pushing too hard as his travelogues started showing consumption of alcoholic drinks. He did mention walking so hard that his legs would hurt at the end of the day and even his lungs were worked harder. For my part, I kept away from him because he appeared stressed and I was probably not viewed as a friend by him with whom he can have a relaxing conversation. If he really thought of me that way then I do not blame him. My relationships are always distant and never close.

I believe in God in a non-religious way. I also believe that a man should have a strong character, integrity and high morals. A person should be so good that even God should shake in taking his life away. God must do his job, but for those good souls, he shows utmost compassion. God crafted a master plan that inflicted the least amount of pain to the person whose life he took. The journey never ends and so we all must continue, but Yogesh has set a great example for all of us to follow.

Mansi mishra

Travel Enthusiast
That's a beautiful poem. Written from the heart and captures the essence of the man beautifully. I did not have the privilege of knowing Yogesh, but thank you , Mansi, for introducing me to him so eloquently.
What all I have penned is minimal part of what he was. But yes, above lines can give the essence of his passion and love he had towards whatever he use to do. I was lucky to had such a person in my life.
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really shocking news to me. though never had the chance to meet him he was just there, to always guide you in your trips to the himalayas. i had posted my travelogues in this forum as a thanks to all the guidance he had rendered me in planning and executing them. such a wonderful and helping person who had touched so many hearts. a great loss to the travellers of the future. may his soul rest in peace


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Jaane chale jate hain kahan, Duniya se jaane wale ?
Jaane hai woh, kaun nagaria,
Aaye jaye khat na khabaria,
Aayen jab jab unki yaaden, aayen hothon pe Fariyaden,
Fir na jaa ke aane wale, Jaane chale jaate hai kahan ?

I miss you Yogesh, You were A Mentor for many Friends.
May God Bless your Soul.


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I did have very limited interaction with Yogesh.
Thanks to his efforts and others, this forum helped me connect to various issues & also contribute my views.
Life takes unexpected turn on any given day and yet we live in Maya with confidence planning our trips ahead!
My 2 cents view is, I look forward to other moderators is to take efforts to keep Yogesh 's legacy BCMT going forward in days to come. We would be too busy in our lives, so I request Moderators to share / remind on Yogesh's birthday to remember his contribution in building up this forum for benefit of one and all. Yogesh may have physically left his world but truly has left a mark in all our hearts / mind.