BCMT North India Meet at Viratkhai-Chakrata (14-16 June 2014)


North Inda BCMT Meet at Viratkhai,Chakrata
Meet Started at 12.00 Noon on 14th June 2014
Meet Ended at 10.30 AM on 16th June 2014

It was more than three since we attended an BCMT get-together with fellow BCMTians with family members joining and spending some time togethers at a quiet getaway place away from hustle-bustle of everyday life.My idea was to choose a place which can be reached in 8-9-10 hrs long slow drive,a place which has a large capacity to accommodate at least 40 people,a place which offers hospitality serivice right at your room and must be located at a cool place.

Finding such place was a tough task.

After some research,Chakrata seems to fulfill the criteria,so i proposed an BCMT North India Meet at Chakrata asking for other's members opinion about this place and
also seek their option for a different meet venue.Some members suggested Shitla,Ranikhet,Mukteshwar,Junga(Shimla),Pabbar valley.A poll was added to decide a venue suitable for all members.

Himalayan Eco Lodge was selected on the basis of majority of votes in its favor.

Himalayan Eco Lodge,Viratkhai

Meet venue decided,dates fixed.Next task was to book the required rooms at resort,negotiate the tarrif etc.Few telephonic conversations and email exchanged,resort owner offered us 1500 INR per day per person all meals,snacks at evening,bonfire,stay in Huts and Swiss tents,bed tea included.I shared the tarrif details in meet section with willing participants for approval and also requested them to send me some advance amount so that booking of resort can be done.After getting advance amount from members,I transfer booking amount to the resort owner and booked the resort for 14-15 June 2014.

Meet discussion was still going on in meets section of the forum and many members showed willingness to join the meet but problem of leave shortage
hindered their plans and they had to opt out at last moment despite their strong urge to join the north India meet.Finally,following people attended the meet and
made this get-together a joyful experience

1.Anil Gupta sirji from Ludhiana

2.Anil Kumar Singh from Meerut

3.Gaurav from Meerut

3.Kabir Sahni from Dehradoon

3.Sanjay ji with wife and Daughter from Faridabad

4.Sumit Sharma from Delhi

5.Narender with wife and two kids

6.Neeraj from Delhi

7.Paarth from Delhi

8.Prashant Bhardwaj with wife from Delhi

9. Rahul from Delhi

10. Saurabh Bhatia from Roorki

11. Srijan from Delhi

12. Vikas Shokeen with wife from Delhi

13. Vinod Sharma from Roorki

14.Victor Masih from Ludhiana









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lovely captures masterji..
but i can see some images stretched, is that something related with my screen settings ??:confused: (Check the picture of gaurav )


Yes Rajat....pics are stretched due to scaling in PS.
I had to upscale some small cropped images to fit in a large document,thats why stretching.
Next lot will be in proper aspect ratio.


Master jee
Lovely start :)
Thanks Tapas.

Great Captures !
Great Introduction !

Master ji !
We want more details in person about this meet
at BCMT Dhaba.
Sure Paaji.
Good start, Master Ji

looking forward to this one.
Kashish,thanks a lot.
When are you starting your Tungnath trekking log???
Waiting for it.
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