BCMTouring for Phones

Hi Admins!

I am a new member of this forum. I was trying to find BCMT for a mobile phone. Like we have FB for phones/BlackBerries, do we have BCMT on this platform as well.

This can really be useful in transmitting photographs and real time updates from the front back home...

I tried to open up the site on my BlackBerry and it opened a regular site.

Are we planning anything like this soon as this can be really put us miles ahead of other forums and put us users at ease by a smooth flow of information by people out on front line to all those who are waiting to hear back from them like their families, friends, fellow BCMT'ians.

Manish Sharma :)


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i am using Nokia 5233 with airtel and Opera Mobile browser for BCMTOURING, TWITTER, ORKUTING and other webs.
Its great to be online and posting using mobile..Nokia ROCKS!!