BCMTouring in NavBharat Times

Yogesh Sarkar

Thanks Sunil, Salil and Sksy

Media can help bcmtouring spread good words. Media can make people believe what they want them to believe. I say for the next tour write a good article and get it published in HT City or something like that. I read an artricle on HT City about a guy on a trip to Narkanda (I guess, I do not remember completely) it was well written and I could see if 'aam junta' saw it, they would like biking.

Touring being the forum's strength, lets build on that and an articvel or two published in newspaper. I loved the article which Salil rode about his and manik's trip to Auli (and coincidence was me and vivek were returning from Auli when we heard two bikes scrapping foot pegs and we knew it was 'one of us' and stopped for general chit chat). But getting to more widely circulated media will get better image for us and better acceptability with parents and girlfriends!
Quite true, however a better option would be to have them visit the trip log and photography section of BCMTouring, I quite sure they will be impressed by it all.


The title of the article is not in tune with the whole writing. Initially it gives info about the biking groups in which offcourse BCMtouring has been highlighted more, but later the tune changes to ill effects of biking group which gives other angle to the initial introduction.

I think we as a touring group we should send good touring stories from our trips to all leading media's, if any one publishes that will give us much better visibility.

In any case whether good or bad anything that flashes on news is a good publicity.


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Congrats Yogi!
your efforts are now visible... to the world!

thanks to Varun (mountaintrekker.india) for helping us in getting this recognition!

@hit: :D yes, it is!


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Congrats Yogi... U can even invite the media persons to our Sunday RIDE PLANS meet :lol:
M sure after that u will get undivided attention from Media :D