BCMTouring in PC World India

Yogesh Sarkar

BCMTouring recently got a mention in PC World India in an article written by them about photography, here is a small excerpt.

Another worthy site is http://indianaturewatch.net, dedicated to nature photography. You need to register, but it’s by invitation only. You have to send a mail with your details to be a part of this site. Once through, you can upload images, chat and hold discussions. A similar site is http://www.bcmtouring.com/forum. However, the USP is bikes, garage and travel photography.
Source: PC World India: Web Watch-On the Wild Side

Ps. thanks to Shamik and Shamik's friend Abhijit for letting me know about the article.


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Gr8... The photography section is not too old & it is already in news.. Hope to have many such feathers in crown..

congratulations admin, team moderation, photographers & the community :)

Yogesh Sarkar

Credit for this goes to all the photography enthusiasts here, to get featured in a list of photography forum when our main forte is Travel speaks volume of the quality of photographs all of us produce.


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Congrats and no congrats.....:grin:

i know you are all :mad: but then I think BCMTouring is better than this. It deserves more than that.

Its like Google feeling happy that they got mention in an article on search engines.

Congrats for the mention but its a small very small feather in the cap compared to other more considerable mentions in media and mot importantly the quality of memebers on site... :)

Going by quality of members and articles, I think BCMT is up there.....

Now get off cloud no. 9....you still have a long way to go! :snakeman:


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Dont worry Dhairya, this one liner is not going to make us complecent and sit on our bum for the next 6 months :grin:. You know us better and importantly, we know this too.

Thanks for the support, suggestions and brickbats everyone.